Creating Sacred Space

a 21 day course devoted to gaining clarity on what your gifts are and how to create the energetic, mental, and physical space to rock your solopreneur journey with ease and flow


It all started when...

I paid for my last course and hired my most recent coach. 

This lightbulb moment hit me. 

I already have within me the things I need to leverage my gifts and make massive impact in the world as an entrepreneur. 

So, why do I keep spinning my wheels? 

What you resist persists. I have resisted structure for the last five years in my business and life. 

As a result, I would start and stop something a million times and have nothing to show for it, but exhaustion and frustration and stockpiles of shame for not being further ahead than I was.

I felt like a fraud. How can someone be in business for this long and not be making a go of it?

The moment I stopped resisting and embraced structure, that's when the magic happened.

I totally surrendered. I asked to be guided and trusted the answers I received.

That was every thing. Actually trusting the signs, my intuition and not what I thought I should be doing. 

Things that never made sense before were starting to flow and come so easily to me.

The struggle bus had left the building! This is the magic of surrender.

I was able to build a beautiful foundation for my business that made sense to me and instead of feeling suffocated, I felt liberatedAF and my creativity shot up tremendously. 

This structure included everything from my weekly schedule, to daily self care rituals to my physical work space. 

Before I knew it, I was in the zone of genius more often than not. 

The stress melted away. I starting having more fun. I started attracting my fantasy clients and I started earning money for owning my gifts. 

In honor of owning my gifts, I have captured all the tips, tools, tricks, street cred, and insight as a nurse for twenty years, but most importantly I share my soul and intuition to help you do the same in my latest creation

Creating Sacred Space.....a 21 day course devoted to you and owning your gifts once and for all

  • 21 days of me holding your hand. 
  • Holding the space for you to go deep. 
  • For you to get clear on what your gifts actually are and how to create a beautiful foundation around you that will support your growth as an entrepreneur with ease. 
  • You will identify the sneaky beliefs that are holding you back from shining your light and owning your true gifts without shame or guilt. 
  • You will clear out old junk like clutter in your mind and in your physical space that is blocking your flow and your zone of genius. 
  • You will learn how to create smart and super strong energetic boundaries to support your life and business. 
  • You will learn how to let your business be easy by learning to trust your intuition.
  • You will start to see the evidence of your gifts everywhere.

The magic begins 2/1/2018 and lasts for three weeks. 

  • It includes daily inspiration from yours truly in our private FB group. 
  • A one hour group call each week on Zoom. 
  • Access to me via FB messenger or Marco Polo for the entire course. 
  • The first three people to register win a Danielle LaPorte truthbomb deck and a card reading from me. 

I look forward to holding your hand on this beautiful sacred journey to your highest good. 

Massive love,