I learned about Yoga Nidra last month at a Meditation teacher training with the lovely Tara Sherman. I used notes from class and the Bible on Yoga Nidra, "Yoga Nidra" by Swami Satyananda Saraswati as resources to record myself guiding a variety of scripts that I could start a practice by listening with headphones. 

I am forever grateful to have learned this life altering tool. My life will never be the same! 🙏🏻💙🌸

After 2 months of practice I was able to make it through a Yoga Nidra practice without falling asleep! 😴😴 💃💃💃💃💃💃

Sounds easy right? Um, not so much if you are easily distractible and exhausted!! 😘😘

Yoga Nidra is a practice that helps you learn to relax consciously.

This technique induces complete: mental, emotional, and physical relaxation. 

In Yoga Nidra, for absolute relaxation you must remain aware!

Wow! Most of us find checking out to be more relaxing right?! ✋🏻💁🏻‍

You have the opportunity to become aware by "rotating your consciousness" throughout different body parts, literally paying attention to your fingers and toes, one by one and all the parts!!!!

It sounds strange, and oh man does it work if you stay awake 👊🏻😘

Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down and you are not to move your body and the goal is to stay awake!

The goal is to turn inward (away from external experiences) and to hone your conscious awareness. 

If you can separate consciousness from external awareness and sleep, it becomes fruitful ground for increasing memory, creativity, knowledge, and personal transformation.

Part of this practice is repeating a sankalpa (affirmation) 3 times at the beginning and at the end of practice. It is said that it is nearly impossible for your sankalpa not to manifest. 

An example of a sankalpa could be, "I am grateful that my needs are met and I receive abundance with ease". Or "I am grateful that vitality fills every cell of my being and I am well".

The part I found most challenging was to follow the rotation of consciousness through various parts of my body while counting backwards from 27 to 1. If you lose count you have to start over. I would get to 24 and already be falling asleep or dreaming about something else!  😯😯

So, if you are looking for a practice that brings you complete: mental, emotional, and physical relaxation, you may want to give yoga Nidra a try. 

Using the practice of Yoga Nidra was the catalyst for me to write my card deck so quickly. 

Have you tried Yoga Nidra? What did you find difficult when starting? What are your favorite benefits of Yoga Nidra?