Fear, like control is an illusion.

PSA 📣 All humans have fear, even the people who have been practicing their art for eons.

It's something you must face head on to work through. 

That one thing you fear the most is the thing you absolutely must do or look at.

Fear is an invitation from spirit to go deeper. 

In the process, you will discover demons and doubt and all the things we each face on our journey.

However, when you reach the other side, you will find that the actual thing that you feared was not that bad, it was your thoughts about how hard and scary it would be that created your suffering.

You may even regret all the time and energy you wasted freaking out about how scared you would be if........  🤔

On the other side of fear you will discover your strength, your capacity, your grit, your resolve, your soul, your gifts, your joy, and it places you on an entirely different energetic plane.

This allows you to reach even higher and deeper for the next round of your beautiful evolution.

What do you fear the most? How can you safely pull that closer to you so you can work through it?