From Distraught to Divinely Guided

May 2019 marks 21 years that I have practiced as a registered nurse. That’s hard for me to wrap my brain and heart around. It doesn’t seem like it could possibly be that long and when I reflect on how much I’ve grown during that time, it totally makes sense. It is all part of my soul’s growth. 

I went to nursing school after earning a bachelor’s degree in sports fitness management. I assumed since everyone in my family was in medicine and having a background in movement and the sciences that it would be easy!!

Haha. Nursing school was far from easy and my career has been a long and winding road full of lessons and incredible opportunities. 

Nursing has been a wonderful mirror for me to realize what is possible when you do the work, both the internal and external work. 

In my experience, nurses face struggles in life that become exacerbated by the work place. Nurses often transition jobs hoping that things will change and they don’t. In fact, the issues don’t go away the problems keep repeating themselves. Many times there are external forces that are out of your control, however the internal forces within you are just as important. Many nurses don’t feel they are worthy to do that deep work and as a result feel like they have no say in the matter and continue to attract those types of scenarios in work in life. 

I know, because I was in that place. 

Here’s what 21 years in healthcare has taught me. 

  • You matter. 

  • You deserve to create a life that is both meaningful and healthy.

  • You can be healthy and happy and help others. 

  • You no longer have to sacrifice your health or happiness. 

  • You and you alone are the only one who can decide if this is what you desire. Period. End of story. If this is what you desire, you have to do the work to make that happen. 

I hit a wall seven years ago when I felt trapped in my nursing job. Even though I was part time, I felt like I didn’t have the freedom I desired. I felt like my time was not valued. I felt like my choices were not in alignment with a deep desire to make a bigger impact in the lives of others. I loved helping patients improve the quality of their lives, however, I wanted to help people with more than their physical selves. The stress of work and not living in alignment with my desires became so intense that I had to make a change or suffer the consequences. 

I changed jobs and I went to nutrition school. In my new role as a disease management nurse, I learned that I really had a gift in holding space for others to heal on a whole body level, mind, body, and spirit. 

Along the way, through loads of study, courses, and deep work, I learned how defeating negative and limiting beliefs are in keeping you small. 

I learned how to channel those into more uplifting and empowering beliefs. I learned how to create firm boundaries for myself that are non-negotiable for my well being. 

  • I stopped doing things because I “should”. 

  • I removed the word “but” from my vernacular. 

  • I begin owning my gifts and no longer dim my energy, personality, or light for anyone. 

  • I learned the power of honoring my inner kid(s) and how engaging my creativity is the portal to my higher self and all the answers I’ll ever need. 

My personal development expanded greatly in November, after I completed a passion project that has been the catalyst for me to expand further. I designed a super fun oracle deck called, “Divine Downloads.” This deck is infused with all of the principles that I practice daily and affirmations that remind me of what’s possible when I trust that I am not only worthy and completely supported. It is infused with words that I find deeply healing. More of those here:

Soon after experiencing the magic of the Divine Downloads card deck, I was guided to create a digital course based on the powerful tools I have studied over the last seven years. It's called "Divinely Guided". Notice a trend………!!!! I kinda dig all things “Divine!“ It’s fun, simple, and extremely powerful. Knowing and practicing these energy tools is the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

I am no longer the woman enslaved to the hamster wheel at the mercy of others. I am more energized and empowered than ever, and love what life is providing for me. I have daily demonstrations that life happens for me, rather than to me. 

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I would be honored to see you say yes to your inner kid(s), your truth, and the highest version of your amazing self. You deserve it. 

Big love,