A little bit on vulnerability…………

I used to fear failure and now I embrace it.

I used to wear my perfectionism as a badge of honor.

Doing everything I possibly could acting as if everything was okay.

Inside I was crumbling.

I never wanted to be perceived as weak.

As a result, I would never ask for help or let anybody see my vulnerability.

Now I understand that vulnerability is actually the most courageous thing a woman can practice and become.

Vulnerability liberates you from the prison of your own mind.

Vulnerability shows your courage.

It shows you're not afraid of you’re imperfections

Instead of basking in your perfectionism, you bask in the light of your imperfection which is beautiful.

I help women break free from the bonds of the prison of their own mindset and this idea that they have to be perfect.

I help women see what's possible for them.

I help women reconnect with their soul imprint.

I helped women show up as their authentic selves.

I help women become less afraid to connect with the deepest part of themselves.

How can you open the door to vulnerability for you? You know exactly what to do, you just have to start. Take one small step and before you know it, you will realize it’s easier to be vulnerable once you begin.