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divinely guided

A 7-week online course

that teaches the principles and wisdom

shared in my Divine Downloads oracle card deck


Heres the thing, YOU are a channel of badassery, wisdom, and intuitive genius.

However, conditioning and your ego has you doubting your wisdom, intuition, and spiritual gifts.

If you are interested in connecting with your inner badass and most grounded, attractive beautiful self who lives from her heart and inner knowing versus in your head, you won't want to miss this epic offering

7 weeks of getting back to YOU and discovering parts of your BEing that you forgot were there deep within YOU, dying to reemerge with new insight, wisdom, and fire for 2019!!

This course is for: 

  • The woman who feels disconnected from herself and what she really wants. 

  • The woman who NEVER takes time for herself. 

  • The woman who is exhausted from the distractions of life pulling her farther away from what she really wants. 

  • The woman who is ready to live a more fulfilled life that is more connected to her true beingness (not society’s view). 

  • The woman who desires permission to claim her place in the world and craves support in making that shift. 

  • The woman who wants to make more decisions from her heart/soul in lieu of her head. 

  • The woman who wants to have more focus and clarity on the things that matter most. 

  • The woman who wants more confidence in trusting her intuition. 

  • The woman who wants to release the patterns and beliefs that keep her exhausted energetically and stuck on the hamster wheel from hell. 

  • The woman who is curious about simple tools to protect and nourish her own energy levels. 

  • The woman who wants to protect herself from leaking energy and avoid absorbing the toxic energy of others. 

  • The woman who knows she needs to reconnect with her fun loving inner child creative self and has no clue where to begin. 

  • The woman who wants to learn tools to boost her creativity and how to manifest whatever she desires. 

  • The woman who is looking for a simple daily practice to become more centered and calm so that she can make decisions from a more balanced and compassionate place.

  • The woman who is looking to be healthier in mind, body, and spirit than she's ever been. 

  • The woman who wants to be part of a badass group of women who are looking to create impact in the world by first healing herself of old wounds. 

  • The woman who needs a little more fun in her life!!

Here’s the dealio. A large part of your humanity is tied to the parts of you that you can’t see, but that you can feel. 

This course will teach you, guide you, and provide you with the awareness of what you aren’t seeing that is keeping you sick and tired, so you can live from a place of vitality that is grounded in mind, body, and spirit. 

You are a whole person. To live whole heartedly you have to get to know and work with all of her. 

I hope you’ll join me for 7 weeks of epic transformation. 

I will teach you all of the energetic tools that allowed me to work through 47 years of limiting beliefs in a very short amount of time. These tools allowed me to connect with spirit and create this amazing card deck that is helping so many humans. 

  • The Divinely Guided course is housed on the Teachable website.  Once you purchase the course, you will be directed to the website to register for the course. Be sure to bookmark or save the web address so you can easily go back to it each week.

  • This course was originally offered as a live, 7 week course. You are receiving the evergreen version! It is designed to span a 7 week period. Each week covers a concept with homework and ways to integrate the concept into your life.

  • The pace of the course is very intentional. S L O W and S T E A D Y!

  • You can go through the course however you wish, everyone has a different style and that is awesome! I would invite you to do 1 concept/lesson per week so that you can learn about the concept, start to integrate the concepts into your life and have the time to reflect on what changes you notice.

  • Here is what we will cover: 

Week 1: Grounding

Week 2: Stillness

Week 3: The Power of Words

Week 4: Energy

Week 5: Sacred Space

Week 6: Protection

Week 7: Signs

In my experience most people drop out of courses or do not finish them, because it is just too much information in a very short amount of time. 

My intention of Divinely Guided is to give you simple, energetic life tools along with permission that it’s ok for you to receive love and to feel safe, aligned, in tune with your higher self, and confident about the incredible opportunities that lie before you. Most importantly, to remind you that you are absolutely supported forever and always. When women feel loved and supported they make even more impact for good in the world.


I hope to see you soon. Big love and big blessings, Lisbeth 

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