access my vortex of awesome

I offer 3 ways for you to get in my vortex of awesome. I hold the space for you and will guide you in clearing the b.s. beliefs/stories that hold you back from showing up fully in life and work. You walk away with clarity and a connection to a higher version of yourself than you've know before and an unshakeable confidence in your gifts and how to leverage them in the world. Schedule a call with me to see if we're a good match. If we're a match, choose which package aligns with your needs and we'll be on our way to you owning your awesome. Big love, Lisbeth


Are you ready for clarity on a burning question?

What information do you seek that will propel you forward on your soul's journey that you are on the fence about?

Provide me your question and I will provide you sacred information that I receive by accessing your Akashic Record. The answer may come in the form of visuals, words, specific actions to take, and/or wisdom your angels and guides want you to know. I will send you the answer in a written format along with an audio file explaining the wisdom I receive during the session. 


Are you ready to truly understand your relationship with money/prosperity? 

You will gain clarity on what your real relationship with money is about. You will clear those old programs, & create a money relationship that is abundant & in alignment with your best self. You will transform your money relationship. The transformation covers your Money Flow (understand your vibe with money), Money Story (understand the patterns around your money story based on what was modeled for you), and Money Love (upgrade your relationship with money to a two way state of abundance & flow). 

This is different than any other money program, because the information is accessed through your sacred Akashic Record. This is timeless wisdom from your soul and spiritual team that you can't get anywhere else.  

Includes three 60 minute calls. One thirty minute wrap up call. 


Are you ready to understand your money story and integrate this wisdom into leveraging your healing business?

You will complete the Money Transformation Bundle in this package and learn how to integrate this wisdom into your business so that attracting your fantasy clients becomes easy and asking for money for your services comes naturally to you and no longer involves shame around asking for money in exchange for your gifts. You create flow and ease with all of the new tools you have access to.