My passion project

Surrendering like a boss.................

Surrendering like a boss.................


Surrender Like a Boss ✌🏻Learning to leverage the dance between surrender and action, feminine and masculine, yin and yang is my life’s work.

I am a Taurus. I am passionateAF.

I am led by action.

I used to be a perfectionist.

I used to care about other peoples judgments about me.

I used to resist getting close to people for fear of being hurt.

I used to believe that vulnerability and dropping my guard was a bad idea and way too scary and not worth the risk.

As I learn to surrender to nature, to what is, to flow, to the possibilities, I feel the power and magic that comes with it.

So, what are you resisting?

What do you need to surrender?

It can be scaryAF, but what waits you on the other side will blow your mind. I promise.

I co-created this t shirt with the amazing Adam Podsednik as a reminder of being kind to myself and when I choose surrender it creates my Wild Happy Free!!!

How can you remind yourself of the power in opening up?

Sending you space, trust, and f tons of courage. You’ve got this. 

Massive love,


If you want this high vibe t as a reminder to surrender to what is, click the link below to get yours. 

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