△ are you ready for life to be aligned with the real you

△ are you ready to expand into your full potential

△ are you sick of dulling your sparkle 

△  are you tired of hiding your gifts

△ your authentic self is dying to come out and play and she needs a voice

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This for driven women ready to loosen the reigns of control long enough to take a breath. 

For women who are ready to learn how to RECEIVE for a hot minute without guilt. 

For women who are "killing it" based on societal standards, but are completely tapped, yet totally unfulfilled. 

For women who are done doing it the way someone else wants. 

For women who are ready to release perfect and embody the true you. 

I am driven AF. I refuse to appear as unintelligent or as if I don't have my shit together. 

That version of me just about snuffed out my light for good.

So I decided that in order to co-create the life I craved, I had to drop the facade, that I'm tough and can do it all (even though I'm secretly dying on the inside).

I was allowing my circumstances to dictate my life. 

It's not circumstances that create your life, it's your thoughts about it. 

I invite you to consider life without always being "in control."

I invite you to be vulnerable, because that is where your true POWER lies. 

And you've never had control, that's an illusion of your mind. 

I invite you to remove the mask and accompanying story that says you must do it all and that if it's not done perfectly then it's not "good enough."

Here's why: 

"Perfectionism is the ultimate FEAR of being seen for who you really are." Brene Brown

You are far more powerful when you show up in your authentic self.

Done is better than perfect.

The real you is much more beautiful, relatable, and fun than the woman with the mask. 



Prior to working with Lisbeth, I had issues around shame and it was hard for me to forgive not only myself, but others. Loving myself was not easy for me. Lisbeth has taught me the power of self-love and forgiveness. This allowed me to show up in my full potential in life and work. This shift has allowed freedom in so many areas of my life. Woking with Lisbeth, has allowed me to see myself differently, with much less shame. Loving myself has allowed so much forgiveness into my life!!!!! So freeing on so many levels! Letting go of shame and forgiving others lets us walk away and walk into the person we are meant to be.  How much more positive and productive for everyone and for the universe! 

-Betsy Clark


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This course is a culmination of all the courses and studying I have completed on the mind, body, spirit, and the law of attraction.

This course is the step by step process I have used to co-create the life I dreamed of since I was a young girl. 

In this course you will learn the ease of how allowing more RECEIVING in your life reduces the need to control everything. We'll leave the heavy lifting to the Universe. Universal intelligence has a bit more to work with then anything that you could create on your own. 

You will learn my custom method I call, VORTEX that will help you understand how to co-create what you do want while you learn how to recognize your patterns of resistance and the limiting belief patterns that keep bringing you more of what you don't want. 

9 weeks of connection, exploration, and ahas with me and an amazing circle of soul sisters on this galactic journey together. 

6 lessons that you can watch anytime on my website. 

9 group calls to deep dive into the lessons and share experiences as you work the lessons

Homework in between lessons.

Private FB group

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