wild. happy. free.


Are you ready to join a community of amazing ladies who are ready to live wild happy and free?

Investment: $111 per month

If you keep thinking you wish you had someone to share your wins/struggles with, or you are tired of feeling trapped, or stuck in your current circumstance, but your don't even know where to begin, this is for YOU.

WHF is a membership based tribe that goes down on FB in our private Wild Happy Free Group. Easy. Fun. Empowering. 

What you receive:

^ priceless tools that help you break free from that place of stuck/unworthiness that you can't seem to shake no matter what you do or say or believe
^ special guests dropping wisdom on all the things we love 1/month
^ a safe space to bring your troubles and your breakthroughs
^ hot seat coaching with me on a topic of your choice
^ connection with amazing soul sisters
^ deep dive livestreams 2/month
^ my energy/expertise
^ empowerment
^ accountability

OH & 

Bonuses and spontaneous gifts
(like goodies from Danielle LaPorte/thank you notes/journals). 
and other symbols to remind you of your humanity and awesome.

The foundation of WHF is for women to lift one another up and most importantly, become more open to RECEIVING.

The WHF Sisterhood is like mini retreats from the comfort of your favorite pj's and home. I bring in my energy, my wisdom and the experts so you can learn and experience from them without having to pay for airfare and hotel. The value I provide is off the chain. 

We are already rocking the breakthroughs and aha's in our first week of the sisterhood, That is the power of a tribe, a sisterhood. Movement, connection, rapid manifestation, and massive empowerment from our collective energy. 

To join us, click below. I can NOT wait to walk on your journey with you beautiful lady. See you in the group. 

Massive love,