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2 monthly payments

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2 Payments: DivineAF Manifestation Coaching

Divine AF Premium Manifestation Coaching with Lisbeth Overton

What you'll get:

6 weeks of private coaching and mentoring with Lisbeth to identify your predominant block to manifesting your #1 desire along with the energetic blueprint + intention (specific mantra/statement) for you to use to support the manifestation of your desire.
Divine AF Affirmation Deck to support your high vibe energy + to connect with your Divine support team.
Divine AF: Daily Affirmations & Manifestation Journal to support your queen + goddess energy + mood with beautiful visuals and words from the Divine to keep you on track and feel supported on your journey.
6 x one hour long recorded calls with Lisbeth.
Audio/video (whatsapp/Marco Polo) support in between calls if you feel overwhelmed or stuck and of course to share epic ahas, insights, and downloads that can't wait until our calls.
Divine AF Coaching Guidebook to support you in between calls and to record your manifestation journey!


Change To Full Pay:

If you pay in full, you will receive a 2 hour divineAF deep dive with Lisbeth to tap into your Akashic Records for any soul connected wisdom that will support your manifestation journey.

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What People Are Saying:

My training with Lisbeth Overton was life altering. She provided helpful and supportive tools to lift my energy and help me stay focused through significant changes in my life. In our six sessions, Lisbeth provided invaluable foresight, which I used to transform my life. She has taught me the value of directing my energy in an effective way. I highly recommend Lisbeth, everything she touches is a success. My life works beautifully now.

Anutza Bellissimo - stress and anger management coach

I just want you to know that I truly believe you are extremely gifted and have found your calling. The insight that you provide after these women share their stories is indescribable. One of these days we need to connect by phone. I feel so connected to you. You are such my kind of person and I just laugh when you laugh! Not long ago I started a bullet journal. Have you heard of those? Anyhow, one of my pages is on "things like give me positive vibes" and you seem to keep popping up. Just things you say like "awesome-sauce" get me laughing...which is so good for my soul! So I write down all these little sayings that bring me smiles and laughter and joy.

Anonymous Group Coaching Client