“I Didn’t know what to expect.”


"So freeing on so many levels!"


Prior to working with Lisbeth, I had issues around shame and it was hard for me to forgive not only myself, but others. Loving myself was not easy for me. Lisbeth has taught me the power of self-love and forgiveness. This allowed me to show up in my full potential in life and work. This shift has allowed freedom in so many areas of my life. Woking with Lisbeth, has allowed me to see myself differently, with much less shame. Loving myself has allowed so much forgiveness into my life!!!!! So freeing on so many levels! Letting go of shame and forgiving others lets us walk away and walk into the person we are meant to be.  How much more positive and productive for everyone and for the universe! 

-Betsy Clark, Nurse Practitioner 


"My training with Lisbeth Overton was life altering."

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Lisbeth provided helpful and supportive tools to lift my energy and help me stay focused through significant changes in my life.

In our six sessions, Lisbeth provided invaluable foresight, which I used to transform my life.

She has taught me the value of directing my energy in an effective way. I highly recommend Lisbeth, everything she touches is a success. My life works beautifully now.

Anutza Bellissimo

CEO @ Purpose Driven Platform - The Highly Effective Executive - Stress & Anger Management Institute


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I completed Lisbeth’s coaching program and continue to use the many tools she taught me.

When I feel stressed, ungrounded and have some anxiousness; I do some tapping techniques, meditation, journaling and deep breathing and reflect on conversations I had with her during our sessions. It always changes my energy and resets my focus . My intention when I first started working with Lisbeth was fulfilled beyond my expectations.

I have been back to work for the past 3 months and have a different attitude in life as a whole. My thought process has changed in a lot of ways and I think about caring for my self in an unselfish manner and maintaining balance as best I can. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Lisbeth, she is one of the most amazing women I know. Every time I think of her it warms my heart and remind me how much spirit loves me by bring her and her teachings into my life.

Jessica Smith, Registered Nurse 

"Due to Lisbeth's course, my path forward has become clearer for me."

I am a retired RN. It's been a difficult transition for me, but Lisbeth has helped me to understand that it's okay to let go of my self-identity as an RN.

The tools I have learned in Lisbeth's class, combined with the support I received from my classmates and "soul sisters," has helped me get down to the source of my fear of letting go of that part of myself.

I feared I was nothing if not a nurse. 15 years ago, I went through an episode of major depression. I also had a recently-diagnosed physical disability, and had been told I would never be able to work again.

Due to Lisbeth's course, my path forward has become clearer for me. Even though I may no longer work as a nurse, I am the boss and creator of the rest of my life. Lisbeth taught me that.

Over the last two months, Lisbeth has helped me realize how vitally important my passions are to me. I have learned, through her course, that my passions are not just hobbies - my passions reflect my soul. My passions are who I am now. Gardening, raising butterflies, animal rescue, writing and so much more!

Melissa Brown, Registered Nurse