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At my core I am a radiant goddess with love, compassion, and light on a mission to uplift and elevate women around the globe in a loving community of awesome in pursuit of fulfilling your soul purpose.

I am a mom, wife, sister, aunt, daughter, nurse, cat mama, foodie, nature lover, yogi, freedom seeker, joy magnet and believe all things are better with music, truck loads of sparkle, and connection with like minded-high vibe souls. 


I have always been that girl with great energy and lots of confidence.

And for the most part I was, until I wasn’t.

Living a “successful” life from societal standards.

Appearing to have it “all together.”

Then I got tired of hiding.

Hiding the fact that I lived a double life.

The woman on the inside did not match the woman I was portraying to the world.

I was dying on the inside. Dying to be loved.  Dying to be accepted. Dying to fit in. Dying to get it right in my business.


Something was off, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

After years of searching. I found the keys to my kingdom.

This whole time I was resisting my intuitive gifts, my soul’s purpose. This is why I felt so empty and not myself. I was trying to be someone else, but I didn’t know who I was anymore.

That’s when everything changed.

I started listening to me, my inner voice, my soul.

I started acting on the information that I was receiving and the signs that I was noticing.

I started meditating, a lot. I kept being guided to the right people and the right opportunities for my soul purpose.

The synchronicities started happening over and over. Two powerful events were meeting my Shaman, Sandra Suarez Dominguez who then introduced me to Patricia Masakian and The Akashic Records Institute where I learned about the Akashic Records.


Every soul has an Akashic Record. It is a database of your soul’s every action, emotion, idea, and experience in this, past, and future lifetimes.

The study and self expansion I have been able to explore with my teachers and guides have been life changing.

No more doubting every move. No more waiting for permission. No more dimming my light. No more playing small. No more shoulding. No more being the student.

I AM the teacher. 

When you know who you are and you act from a place of inner knowing and discernment, every thing is easy and in flow. 

The abundance, synchronicities, and joy become the new norm. 

Everything I need is always delivered for me in divine timing. 


It has been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t change any of it.

I keep accessing higher levels of my soul’s purpose because I trust the information I receive from my higher self and my angels and guides.

My victim story for one about the high vibe soulful co-creator of life that I AM.

My affirming, soul loving mantra:

I am a Self LOVE Soul Boss.

I have remembered who I AM.

I AM the Self 💜 Boss.

I AM divine as I AM.

There is nothing I lack.

I AM all that & a bag of chips.

I have clarity on how I feel and what I desire.

I am grounded in my truth.

I AM as giddy as a kid in a candy 🍭 store.

My energy is in flow.

I surrender to what is.

I naturally allow life to unfold in divine orchestration and expect all I ever need is within and I trust beautiful things to occur in divine timing.

My aura is filled with light & love.

My skin is glowing.

I AM strong.

I AM beautiful.

I AM confident.

I expect miracles.

My fear and anxiety have shifted to curiosity about what’s possible.

I have released my attachment to outcomes.

I AM connected to my spirit and SHE guides me.

I AM excited.

I AM home.

How is your relationship with your soul?

I see YOU at your SOUL level.

Are you ready to fulfill your soul's purpose? 

 It is my honor to be in your company and I can’t wait to share in this phase of your amazing journey.