Hi! I’m Lisbeth

I am a manifestation mentor helping you connect with your higher self for a magical life. 

I am a nurse who found a connection with the divine through my work with my patients. Learning how to work with the Akashic Records and perform energy work has just amplified the ability to pick up on the unseen with my clients and I could sense what was not being said and tell exactly where my patients were stuck and needed specific support. My patients were having excellent outcomes in a short amount of time and I was blown away. I couldn't deny what was happening before my eyes and I dove right in.

I'm now living my souls purpose, helping others tune into their divine essence and soul intent.

I would love to help you release the doubt, the fear, the fuckery of limiting beliefs! You are divineAF and if you're on this page, you and I are meant to connect. I'd love to chat with you and connect you to your higher self so you can start living your best life! It's all doable and I see your divine being!

Divine Purpose

My Story

I have experienced suffering and fear but when I leaned in, surrendering to the divine, magical things started to happen! You are divinely connected to source but can you surrender long enough to listen to your intuition?

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I see your divinity

My promise to you

I promise to connect you with that sacred aspect of your being which comes directly from Source and your higher self where you feel whole, complete, quantum, and as expansive as the day is long and what arises from this place is the embodiment of peace, love, and freedom. Plus I inject a liberal amount of fun.

The Lisbeth Overton Way

What I Value Most

Serving you is my highest purpose in life and it is an honor to support your souls expansion with integrity, connection and safety.  


Humans can not expand when they don’t feel safe. I value safety above all else. My profession trained me to embody the mantra of do no harm. Safety 1st is paramount to all life and is the foundation for any and all healing to commence. When humans feel safe they are more likely to open up and look at things from a different vantage point. Compassion replaces judgment and all kinds of magic unfolds in this sacred place of safety. Humans thrive when they feel cared for from a place of non judgment.


Humans are wired for connection and as a society we have never been more isolated and disconnected despite our 24-7 access to everything. I value creating spaces for safe and sacred connection to develop deeper connection to our most eternal and divine selves with others who share these desires. There is so much power in the community and connection is a great way to fuel that frequency. Together we are better.  And plus, it literally takes a hive to thrive in this world! All things are better shared. 


Integrity is paramount any time you are involving humans. Period. I only teach what I have deep knowledge and lived experience in and I would never suggest something that I have not practiced or lived myself. Transparency and truth are the foundations of integrity and that is what I lead with in my business. Above all, I serve with integrity in honour of your divine being that I am always connected to. I am always my authentic self and you will feel that from the first moment we speak. 

“Immediately upon entering Lisbeth's Spiritual Spark School Community, I felt safe. It also felt supportive and inspiring. It felt exciting to be somewhere new and fresh. Seeing people’s faces and knowing that everyone wants to be there because they want to be in your energy field and because they also trust you.”

— SHANNON W. Community Member

A divine connection

Meet My Family

Meet my family, our amazing teachers (kids) Wallace and Sydney and hubby DuWayne my favorite people to do life with. We love to goof off. I am grateful for the gift of family. I am grateful for YOU too. You are part of my true soul family and our paths were meant to cross.

Ready to get started?

Join me, work with me, meditate with me. There are no accidents. We are meant to connect. If you feel this too, don't hesitate to get in touch or try one of the services offered below! [email protected]

"Lisbeth has a way of lifting your spirit as a woman that no one else I have ever worked with has. Her energy is vibrant and joyful. In her retreat she uses great verbiage and tools to help one with identifying and owning their unique self, spirit, soul encased in a physical body. I highly recommend her retreat, workshops. I came out recharged and centered in my Spiritual Gifts. Doesn't get any better than that!"

- Jan Boal, Empowering Guide and Certified Cannabis Nurse

Meditate with me

Listen to free, fun and imaginative guided meditations and feel the stress melt away. Join me on insight timer and realign with the divine.

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Join an online retreat

A brilliant, playful, super effective and divine adventure into your imagination where true magic is created. Unblock your fear and become a conscious creator!

If you've been feeling a slump and your heart is need of some ease, you will LOVE this experience.

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1:1 coaching session

My clients often find that when they talk to me, they uncover hidden stumbling blocks that have been keeping them from manifesting their best life. Let's chat!

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I am aligned

What I love

They feed my divine essence and light up my life

  • Source
  • Family & Friends
  • Soul Connections
  • Playful living
  • Nature
  • Fitness addict
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Serving Others 
  • Animals - my cats know it too!
  • House plants for daaaays!
  • Children are magical
  • Crystals!
  • Card Decks 
  • You!

Do you do this too?

Limiting Beliefs

We all stumble, but we get back up and that's divineAF

  • Perfectionism 
  • People Pleasing
  • Fear & Doubt
  • Ignoring my intuition
  • Resisting life
  • Following the ego
  • Skepticism 
  • Negative self talk
  • Not doing what I love
  • Imagining horrible outcomes
  • Letting intellect get in the way
  • Thinking too much
  • Pushing too hard 

I believe in you

I See You

I serve your greatest good in all that I do for you. I know you are:

  • IntelligentAF
  • Adventurous
  • CuriousAF
  • CourageousAF
  • Spiritual with a dash of skepticism
  • You are DivineAF
  • You are dealing with a lot in life and it's overwhelming
  • You know of your divinity but you doubt it at times
  • You want to be conscious creator
  • I want to support you

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