Hello, gorgeous! I am so delighted you’re here.
My name is Lisbeth Overton and I AM on a mission to reconnect all women back to their inner guru, teacher, & divine selves.


Here's what I know to be true. It is so easy for women to suffer in self loathing through the thievery of comparison and shame.

We need more women cheering each other on and witnessing one another's soul evolution.

I want you to feel like the savvy, empowered, influential, and amazing woman that you ARE right now.

I want women to understand that you don’t have to wait for the right time, permission or anything else to rekindle the connection to your inner divine self.

It starts right now, in this moment.

If this sparks a desire within you, keep reading.


I had this epiphany 8 years ago that I was born for more. I had a super rewarding job as a nurse helping people reclaim their lives who were suffering with irregularities with their heart rhythm.

I felt guilty for wanting more out of life. I had a great job, a wonderful blended family, and great health, how could I be so greedy.

That launched me into my spiritual awakening.


I have spent the last 8 years studying and doing the work to understand who I AM as my rawest most authentic self.

It has been BUMPY and Uber enlightening!

What I discovered is that YOU too are struggling with the same things I was.

The need for validation. The need for a pat on the back for all that you do. The need to feel safe. The need to feel like you matter. The need to feel desirable. The need to feel healthy. The need to feel WORTHY. The need to feel connected to a larger community. 

When women do not feel worthy, you are unable to BE who you came to BE and you are unable to share your gifts. 

Everyone suffers.

When 1 woman shares her gifts, every single person in her circle of influence benefits. 

Women are changing the world! 🌎

I discovered the reason I didn't feel worthy for most of my life is because I picked up a belief that I wasn't worthy from conditioning (others told me things about me that were not true & I accepted it as my truth).

I spent loads of money trying to acquire worthiness: retail therapy, food, cocktails, courses. No matter what, I always wound up feeling unfulfilled and unworthy.

I never learned the tools to help me realize my true self. Chances are, you haven't either. 

What I have been able to become as a result of this journey and learning these important soul skills is my most authentic, vulnerable self.

I have remembered who I AM. 

This is a huge shift after hiding under perfectionism and comparisonism for years.


I am a Brene Brown student for life. What I know to be true is the depth of your vulnerability equals the richness and fulfillment life brings. 

I am the most liberated and fulfilled I've ever been. No more waiting for the other shoe to drop. No more seeking permission to own my gifts. No more filtering what I say or do for fear of judgment.

It is your time to live life full out on YOUR terms.

Now if you're ready to embody ALL of YOU, here is how I can support your journey. 

My victim story for one about the high vibe soulful co-creator of life that I AM.


I see you at your CORE.

I see what's tripping you energetically.

I help you cut the chords tying you to old stories.

I help you clear up your energy field to make space for your most optimal health & abundance.

I reflect your beauty & wisdom back to you.

I help you learn to trust your innate power.

I help you connect with your angels.

I help you understand your energy and teach you how to protect it, leverage it, and magnetize it.

I help you break down the walls that have blocked you from your intuition and creativity.

I support you as you build your angel wings. 

I help you embody your gifts and leverage them in a soul based manner that makes impact and sets your soul ablaze.