Hello Gorgeous! 

I'm Lisbeth Overton

Manifestation mentor, nurse, podcaster, author, & your divinely guided, crystal loving, card-deck toting, bestie, always ready to dial up the fun in your manifestation game!

I see your suffering, I reveal the unseen and I help you heal. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Come on in, my love.

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It's Time To Release The Doubt

Embrace Your Divinity

It's time my love, to acknowledge your divine essence. If there's anything you take away from visiting my site today let it be this. You are #divineAF. You are here to have an amazing life. Be kind to yourself. Trust your intuition. Surrender to the universe. All is well.

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All Along You Were Blooming

Slow Down Gorgeous

I see your silent suffering. I invite you to take a slow, nourishing, breath, and remember to trust the timing of your life. The unfolding of your divine being is in progress. Talk a little nicer to yourself today and watch yourself bloom.

Repeat After Me: 

I am #divineAF 🧚🏻‍♀️

I am a conscious creator 🧘🏻‍♀️

I am doing great. Not all thoughts are true 😌

Everything is working FOR me 🦋

I trust in divine timing ⏳

Yes you are worthy and we have your back!

With Love,
Your Spiritual Team

Manifestation Should Be Fun!

I will show you!

The #1 reason your manifestation isn't coming, is because of your fears and doubts (many of them are deeply hidden in your subconscious).

My divinely guided gift is being able to help you see the unseen and unlock your ability to become a conscious creator. I am a nurse, and I first discovered the power of the universe through my work with my patients. Source guided me to help uncover subconscious blocks that were manifesting as illness and suffering in my patients. They were having positive outcomes in record time and I could not deny there's more to our existence than meets the eye.

If I can do this, then so can you! 

You are connected to your higher self/source/spirit at all times. Everything you need is already within! 

My mission is to help you strengthen your spiritual fitness so that you can communicate with and trust your higher self and spiritual insights without feeling overwhelmed or wackadoodle. 

Look Through My Magic Turquoise Glasses

Flip Your View 

Your whole life you were told you would need to hustle and push and go against what your soul calls for. They had it all backwards! Let me give you a fresh perspective with my Magic Turquoise Glasses Meditation! 

Manifestation Meditation
Magic Turquoise Glasses Meditation

Jill W

"Through Lisbeth's Divine Downloads card deck and retreat I have been able to access my playful nature and my joy for living.

Lisbeth taught me how to manifest and opened up my awareness to the opportunities of life. Instead of peeling the onion away, I am putting a nice fluff on life. Lisbeth helped me bring nature more into my daily experience.

I live my life more joyfully and holistically, despite what is happening around me. At 65, I am building a legacy with my daughters. JILL LLC (Joy In Living Life)"

I'm Here For You

Ready to get started?

Join me, work with me, meditate with me. There are no accidents. We are meant to connect. If you feel this too, don't hesitate to get in touch or try one of the services offered below! [email protected]

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Divine Testimonial

Lydia's Review

Meet Lydia Romero Johnson, registered nurse and holistic health coach. She is an absolute Goddess who is fully embracing her divinity. I am honored to have played a role in her spiritual journey.

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Drum Roll!

OMG - It's Here!

Here is a sneak peak of my highly anticipated, DivineAF Card Deck! You will absolutely adore the feeling of these high vibe cards!
Grab a copy and channel your true being! You are #DivineAF!

Affirmation Card Deck

DivineAF Card Deck

A Card Deck That Aligns You With Your Divine Being

My highly anticipated DivineAF card deck is finally here!!

44 Cards Of Pure Divinity

When you increase your frequency with these high vibe cards you instantly shift your frequency and can more easily connect to your spiritual nature. It is from this anchor that all inspired ideas flow and allows you to manifest your desires without forcing or chasing.

In divine love,

Get Your #DivineAF Card Deck Here!

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Feel Your Divinity

The DivineAF Card Deck

Paula Sofia Tried The DivineAF Card Deck
This Is What She Felt!

Hello! As a friend and soul sister of Lisbeth Overton’s, I am very excited to tell you about the launch of her latest creation! 🙌

I was delighted to be among the first few lucky people to get a preliminary peek at her beautiful new deck of cards and, let me tell you, these are divine as...well you’ll soon get to see for yourselves!

I asked Lisbeth if I could pull a card (now) and when she graciously handed them to me I felt more like selecting three.

Here we go!

The first was “Discernment”

This card was more than apropos to me as I was already engaging in thoughts about how I might learn to be more discerning overall. With gentle guidance from the words on the card, along with some additional support from Lisbeth’s interpretation, I felt an invitation to go deeper.

My 2nd pick was “Blossom” and the 3rd card was “Surrender”.

Each one held a profoundly personal and enigmatic message (just for me, I thought)… and those gorgeous, colorful images seemed to dance, stretch and leap from the cards, further evoking my senses to reveal more messages from the realms of the Supraconscious and Spirit.

Be sure to watch for the unveiling of Lisbeth’s divinely inspired cards. While you're treating yourself, pick up a few extra decks to bless family and friends.

Well done dearest Lisbeth and thank you so much for sharing more of your divine guidance, wisdom and radiance for us!

Peace and Namaste
- Paula Sofia, Starshifter
(aka Paula Graham), MN

The Lisbeth Overton Way

What I Value Most

Serving you is my highest purpose in life and it is an honor to support your souls expansion with integrity, connection and safety.  


Humans cannot expand when they don’t feel safe. I value safety above all else. My profession trained me to embody the mantra of do no harm. Safety 1st is paramount to all life and is the foundation for any and all healing to commence. When humans feel safe they are more likely to open up and look at things from a different vantage point. Compassion replaces judgment and all kinds of magic unfolds in this sacred place of safety. Humans thrive when they feel cared for from a place of non judgment.


Humans are wired for connection and as a society we have never been more isolated and disconnected despite our 24-7 access to everything. I value creating spaces for safe and sacred connection to develop deeper connection to our most eternal and divine selves with others who share these desires. There is so much power in the community and connection is a great way to fuel that frequency. Together we are better.  And plus, it literally takes a hive to thrive in this world! All things are better shared. 


Integrity is paramount any time you are involving humans. Period. I only teach what I have deep knowledge and lived experience in and I would never suggest something that I have not practiced or lived myself. Transparency and truth are the foundations of integrity and that is what I lead with in my business. Above all, I serve with integrity in honour of your divine being that I am always connected to. I am always my authentic self and you will feel that from the first moment we speak. 

Divine Insights To Help You Realign

Read My Blog

Writing is one of my loves. From personal stories to divinely guided insights, you will find your consciousness shifting and your spirits lifting! Comment with your own insights! I love hearing from you.


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