Enquire With Your Divine Self

Manifestation Card Decks

Your work is to get still and allow divinity to present itself to you. Meditation, journaling, and inner reflection are the bat-lines to this wisdom. These divinely inspired card decks helps you shape shift your energy so you literally become a different frequency, ditching your limiting beliefs for all things quantum. 

DivineAF Card Deck (NEW!!)

Hey Gorgeous! This card deck is for you if you are always doubting your divinity and your ability to manifest! Charged with magnetic energy and inspired by the magical essence of divine femininity, this card deck will tune up your intuition and remind you of your truest self. Get it in your hands and watch the magic unfold.

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Divine AF: Positive Affirmations & Manifestation Journal for Women

You are Divine indeed, exactly as you ARE. Every desire in your heart was placed there by Source so that you could see it manifest in the physical realm. Use this journal to get crystal clear on your desires and to lean into the support that your higher self and the Universe is queuing up for you.

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Divine Downloads Card Deck

If you love communicating with your higer self, journaling and meditating on divine insights, this card deck is full of downloads from the divine! Shift your energy, grab a copy!

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“I was delighted to be among the first few lucky people to get a preliminary peek at her beautiful new #DivineAF cards and, let me tell you, these are divine as...well you’ll soon get to see for yourselves!”
— Paula Sofia

“I love the divine downloads cards. They spoke to me when I first connected with them. They help bring clarity to my clients in a deeper way.”
— Tammy M. Community Member