Divine DowloadS oracle deck


I finally did it…

I listened to my spirit and did what she said. I created an oracle deck called “Divine Downloads.” I actually executed my download til’ the end!! This was part of my soul’s plan. It was a passion project for sure.

I was able to face all the resistance and do it anyway. It’s the first of many things my soul has called me to complete and I’m just getting started. I promise, if you have been wanting to complete something, all you have to do is start. Stick with it, a little every day and before you know it, you will have completed your project.

The way to run a marathon is one mile at a time. You walk and then run and walk and run and before you know it, you have carried yourself 26.2 miles!

I was called to create a whimsical tool that women can use to create a very simple, yet profound sacred practice of stillness. In so doing, over time you will remember who you are at your core and you will soon begin to see signs EVERYWHERE of your magnificence and that you are supported FULLY, 24-7 by the Universe and your posse of angels and guides.

I have already been paid in spades for completing this soul project and my heart has been cracked wide open from the feedback I am getting by those who have experienced the magic and power in this sacred deck.

I am sending you so much love and permission to go on and do the thing your soul is calling you to do and become. xo, Lisbeth

is your soul calling for it’s very own divine downloads oracle deck?

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