Drum Roll!

It's Here Baby!

My highly anticipated, #DivineAF Card Deck is out! You will absolutely adore the feeling of these high vibe cards!

A Card Deck That Aligns You With Your Divine Being In Full Love Of Who You Are.

Manifestation Made Fun! 
With 44 Cards Of DivineAF Energy!

When you increase your frequency with these gorgeous #DivineAF cards you instantly shift your frequency to more easily connect to your spiritual nature. It is from this anchor that all inspired ideas flow allowing you to manifest your desires without forcing or chasing.

In divine love,
Lisbeth Overton

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Increase Your Frequency

Align With The Divine

This card deck will give you spiritual truths to uplift and amplify your divine essence every single day!

When you are connected to the divine, magical things begin to unfold in your life. Take a deep breath, affirm "I am divineAF" and allow the cards to speak to you.

Feel peace and surrender to your divinity. 

The perfect gift to remind your loved ones of their divinity!

Add an extra deck to gift to a #divineAF person in your life!

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Be DivineAF & Chill

When you force things to happen or push too hard, you will find yourself burnt out and suffering. When you align with the divine, the answers arrive with ease.

It's Time To Release The Doubt

Embrace Your Divinity

It's time my love, to acknowledge your divine essence. If there's anything you take away from visiting my site today let it be this. You are #divineAF. You are here to have an amazing life. Be kind to yourself. Trust your intuition. Surrender to the universe. All is well.

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A DivineAF Testimonial

How This Deck Makes You Feel

Paula Sofia Tried The DivineAF Card Deck
This Is What She Felt!

Hello! As a friend and soul sister of Lisbeth Overton’s, I am very excited to tell you about the launch of her latest creation! 🙌

I was delighted to be among the first few lucky people to get a preliminary peek at her beautiful new deck of cards and, let me tell you, these are divine as...well you’ll soon get to see for yourselves!

I asked Lisbeth if I could pull a card (now) and when she graciously handed them to me I felt more like selecting three.

Here we go!

The first was “Discernment”

This card was more than apropos to me as I was already engaging in thoughts about how I might learn to be more discerning overall. With gentle guidance from the words on the card, along with some additional support from Lisbeth’s interpretation, I felt an invitation to go deeper.

My 2nd pick was “Blossom” and the 3rd card was “Surrender”.

Each one held a profoundly personal and enigmatic message (just for me, I thought)… and those gorgeous, colorful images seemed to dance, stretch and leap from the cards, further evoking my senses to reveal more messages from the realms of the Supraconscious and Spirit.

Be sure to watch for the unveiling of Lisbeth’s divinely inspired cards. While you're treating yourself, pick up a few extra decks to bless family and friends.

Well done dearest Lisbeth and thank you so much for sharing more of your divine guidance, wisdom and radiance for us!

Peace and Namaste

- Paula Sofia, Starshifter
(aka Paula Graham), MN

Divinely Inspired

Straight From Source!

This card deck is a labour of love birthed straight from the universe, super charged with divine energy! I hope that when it finds you, it ignites something inside of you that lights up your life with pure source energy. 

You are #DivineAF and your connection to your higher self and eternal nature should allow you to feel expansive, creative, inspired and worthy of your every desire. When you increase your frequency with these high vibe cards you instantly shift your frequency and can more easily connect to your spiritual nature. It is from this anchor that all inspired ideas flow and allows you to manifest your desires without forcing or chasing. You allow the Universe to do the heavy lifting. As a result your desires flow easily to you, easy like Sunday mornin'.

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