Divine Timing

Soul Travel Retreat

A one-day virtual retreat + integrative digital course.
Next Date To Be Announced Soon!

Break free from your habitual patterns of lack & scarcity. Surrender to your DIVINE/ETERNAL nature, become a conscious creator and feel true inner peace. Manifestation is meant to be fun!

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Soul Travel Retreat

We just had a magnificent retreat recently! Next date will be announced soon! If you'd like to receive an invite to the next retreat, please fill in your details in the form and we will notify you of the next date!

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This is one of the most fun events of the year! If you doubt your spiritual experiences all the time, then this is the place for you!

A time to switch off from the fear, the angst, the grind. A time to live in the peacefulness of your divinity among like minded people who support your vision all the way. 

Release the Fuckery

Let's Connect With Source

This is your chance to disconnect from the fuckery of life (stress, anxiety, doubt, fear, scarcity) and connect with your divine essence. The soul travel retreat is designed to celebrate your imagination and strengthen your connection with source. EasyAF manifestation using FUN tools.

Say Yes To Your Imagination

Why This Retreat?


Because it's fucking fun and the universe works FAST when you're having fun. If you've been in a state of constant anxiety, this is your chance to walk the path of self love and find your childlike wonder. Rediscover what it means to trust in the process of life again. What if everything works out for you?


Bloom where you are

You are exactly where you are supposed to be and everything is working FOR you. Come in and embrace the present moment. Let go of the need to control everything and allow yourself to bloom at your own pace. Trust your journey.

Connect with others

Not everyone understands your journey. When you connect with people who get it, it charges up your manifestation magic like nothing else! Feel supported, loved and accepted just exactly as you are. You are seen. You are divine.

Love your imagination

The soul travel retreat is a safe place where you can live entirely in your imagination without judgement. The stronger your imagination, the richer your life becomes. Nothing is over the top. Reality is created from the inside out.

"The Divine Timing Soul Travel Retreat was just that. So Divine! Excellent and delightful. Lisbeth created such a comfortable, safe space and experience. I felt very supported in that space. Her yoga Nidra guidance (lying still) was transformative. I made a deeper connection and commitment to my inner guidance during this retreat. A level up on my spiritual journey.

A message of healing came to me during this retreat regarding forgiveness, that was profound.

I highly recommend this retreat to the seekers, the feelers, the healers, you’ll want to be at her next retreat!"

- Lydia R

Intelligent skeptic

You are IntelligentAF and I love that about you but it can be a stumbling block that puts doubt in your way! I used to be a chronic evidence seeker as a nurse, controlled by external circumstances. Everything external starts from within. Release the skeptic.

Doing is doing you in

No my love, you do not need to be in a perpetual state of doing. The perfectionist in you needs to take several seats and chill. This retreat is about BEING and allowing inspired action to arrive - this will not feel like a hustle.

Rewrite your story

Break down the habitual patterns & thoughts #TotalBullshit. Realign with your most DIVINE/ETERNAL nature and live from the vortex where everything is always working out for you, because it is and it is so. Get into the flow state for total ease and peace.

Get Into The Receiving Mode

Here's everything you will recieve


In addition to the LIVE virtual retreat, a follow up zoom sesh, a digital course to help you integrate what you discover at the retreat, access to the community, divine workbooks, affirmation decks & more!


Divine Workbooks

7 Principles of a Divinely Guided & Spiritually Fit Lifestyle


The "Divinely Guided Workbook" and the "7 Principles of Spiritual Fitness" are my spiritual framework/methodology that I have crafted after exploring and coaching clients in the energetic/spiritual space over the last 9 years.

It's proven and it works! Both guidebooks are the perfect adjunct/blueprint to support our work at the retreat and to support you following the retreat.

Abundant Bundle

All that and more!

Virtual Retreat + Integrative Digital Course + More

  • VIRTUAL RETREAT: 6 hours in Lisbeth's extremely high vibe frequency to witness, mirror, and guide you on getting clarity on your soul's intentions so that you can more easily journey towards the quantum manifestation of your desires. 

  • Follow Up Virtual Retreat Check In Sesh (date TBD)

  • Access to the private community for support, connection and integration.

  • 33 page downloadable Divine Timing RETREAT guidebook to enhance + support your retreat experience that will continue to support you after the retreat. 

  • 12 Interactive worksheets to learn, integrate, and process the divine soul lessons. 

  • Downloadable DIVINELY GUIDED Affirmation Card Deck (21 cards).

  • Downloadable Abundance/Gratitude Tracker (7 weeks).

  • Downloadable Weekly Intention Planner (7 weeks).

  • Continued conversation in the private Divinely Guided Soul Travel Retreat Community 

  • Option to work one on one with me with Quantum Soul Coaching


"Through Lisbeth's Divine Downloads card deck and retreat I have been able to access my playful nature and my joy for living. Lisbeth taught me how to manifest and opened up my awareness to the opportunities of life. Instead of peeling the onion away, I am putting a nice fluff on life. Lisbeth helped me bring nature more into my daily experience.

I live my life more joyfully and holistically, despite what is happening around me. At 65, I am building a legacy with my daughters. JILL LLC (Joy In Living Life)"

- Jill W

Release Doubt

Release the #1 subconscious belief that creates chronic self doubt and blocks what
you're trying to manifest. Live from the wish fulfilled.

Cut The Bullshit

Save time, energy, and money by learning what to focus your attention on. Let the Divine show you the most direct path to your soul's purpose.

Become MagneticAF

Amplify your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well being through simple practices that connect you to mother Earth and the Heavens.

Be AuthenticAF

Increase your confidence in learning how to protect, leverage, and maintain great energetic boundaries so you're not leaking energy or taking on other people's

Divine Timing

Soul Travel Retreat

Virtual Retreat on the innerwebs:
Next Date To Be Announced Soon!

✈️ NO travel or hotel required.
πŸ‘– Pants optional.
πŸ¦‹ The event will be LIVE and it will not be recorded.

Get Notified About Next Retreat

Love the Contrast

 Learn why negative emotions (resistance/contrast) are awesome for your spiritual journey & how to detach painful memories from emotions so you can feel without all the old memories.

Tune Your Intuition

Your intuition is one of your most powerful senses. Strengthen and Amplify your intuitive abilities through the practice of yoga nidra, oracle cards, journaling and simple visualisation techniques. 

Self Love

Turn off your phone, shut the door, enclose yourself in a comfortable space and take this time for you! Do nothing. Feel the joy of just being without any concern for the external world. 

A New You

Remind yourself of who you no longer you want to be. What thoughts you no longer want to think. What choices and behaviors you no longer want to participate in. Embody your higher self.

Divine Clarity Is Yours

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions at all that isn't covered in this FAQ, feel free to email me at [email protected] and my team will get back to you!  


"The divine timing retreat was a wonderful experience made of love. Lisbeth is incredible at what she does. Being an introvert with zero social skills, I found myself at home in her care. Her sense of humour, personality, spiritual wisdom and vibrant energy is contagious. I felt an ease of connection with the group and their stories moved me deeply. Lisbeth has the unique ability to help you feel comfortable in your own skin and happy to be alive and it was our very first sesh! I felt understood, accepted and infinite while all of my doubts just disappeared. If you are science minded, frantically searching for evidence, Lisbeth is a science-minded nurse, and she leads you back to your divinity with ease!" 

- Kady L

Your Course Breakdown

The treat you're in for!

We are trained to think, "what if it goes terribly wrong???". At the Soul Travel retreat, we focus on the ways in which it could go right! We embrace your imagination and we know that your reality is created internally. These exercises are meant to be effortless, fun, and powerful.


Welcome To Divinely Timed πŸ’«Soul Travel Retreat πŸš€

Once you sign up, you'll receive your first batch of goodies, including a video, a workbook and some emails rolling around in excitement waiting to be read. 

You will get:
Pre-Retreat Releasing Exercise πŸ¦‹
Zoom Details For Our Retreat
Post Retreat Check In Chat

Integrative Course

After the retreat, you will receive your integrative course. You may complete this at your own pace. For best results do at least one module a week. They are not meant to be overwhelming but they will be impactful in keeping you aligned with the divine!

You will also receive details for a follow up zoom call.


Module One

Divinely Guided Principle #1:
Creating Sacred Space 

Take a few minutes to bring peacefulness and healing into your home by creating sacred space. It's not hard to do and has immense rewards. You deserve peace.

Heart Chakra Visualization.mp4
Creating Sacred Space Video Lesson
10 Amazing Tips From Tidying Up With Marie



Module Two

Divinely Guided Principle #2:

Grounding yourself is simple but effective. You will learn to live from your heart and your intuition and less from your head. You are more than the intellectual mind.

Grounding Video Lesson



Module Three

Divinely Guided Principle #3:

Take time to experience the magic of silence and stillness. Discover what comes through for you. You will be surprised by the effectiveness of this practice. You are divine.

Stillness Video Lesson

Yoga Nidras For The Win



Module Four

Divinely Guided Principle #4:
Power of Words

You will learn how to use words to become a conscious creator.

The Power of Words Video Lesson

The Ikea Project
Dr. Masaru Emoto-the power of the vibration of words
The Influence of Words of Post Hysterectomy Patients
Louise Hay



Module Five

Divinely Guided Principle #5:

Everything is energy. You will learn how to tune up your energy to align with the frequency of the divine. 

Energy Video Lesson

The Three Thumps Energy Routine
“Knocking on the Doors of Life" Qigong Boost
How To Smudge Something



Module Six

Divinely Guided Principle #6:

The power of creativity is hugely underestimated. You do not need to be Picasso but you will learn how to use creativity as a tool to communicate with the Divine.

Creativity Video Lesson

Soul's Wisdom Podcast Episode
The Movie Wonder



Module Seven

Divinely Guided Principle #7:

Signs are present all the time, we just need to know how to spot them and it does not involve frantically scanning the room. You will learn how to use your intuition to find guidance in everything around you.

Signs Video Lesson



Bonus Items πŸŽ‰

I love giving you ALL the tools to speed up your journey to the divine!

DIVINELY GUIDED Affirmation Card Deck (21 cards)
Abundance/Gratitude Tracker (7 weeks)
Weekly Intention Planner

Meet Your Host

Hi I am Lisbeth Overton, and I help women connect to their spiritual nature, their divine nature, their soul essence through play which means imagination and creativity using totally FUN tools. Living in your divinity is meant to be FUN! πŸ¦‹ #ThatsTheTruthyRuthy #DivineAF

Ten years ago I felt restless and unfulfilled in my life and nursing career a
nd then I got to work. 🧘🏻‍♀️ 

I went on a soul journey inward to discover the missing link. πŸ’«

A divine connection to my soul/higher self was the missing link.✨🀩

She’s been here all along, but I didn’t have the tools, much less the level of receptivity and openness to receive this life affirming divine guidance. πŸ’πŸ₯°

Once I connected with her and the divine wisdom, I was REBORN and fulfilling my purpose as an Intuitive Nurse Coach and Manifestation Mentor became easy and #fulfillingAF. πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ•ΊπŸ»

The fact that you are on this page right now is no accident. If you have any doubts or fears holding you back from manifesting your dreams? Join my free MasterClass and release the resistance! πŸ’†‍♀️ 







Less than 30 minutes with Lisbeth afforded me the time, space & support to overcome a mental stumbling block that could have prevented me from moving forward for days!!

As she reflected back to me the feelings I had just shared, the next steps unfolded with such ease that I could not NOT be excited to re-engage without fear and without judgment - but with excitement, harmony and my native sass!!

Thank you Lisbeth!!

- Babs

Lisbeth has a way of lifting your spirit as a woman that no one else I have ever worked with has.

Her energy is vibrant and joyful. In her retreat she uses great verbiage and tools to help one with identifying and owning their unique self, spirit, soul encased in a physical body.

I highly recommend her retreat, workshops.

I came out recharged and centered in my Spiritual Gifts. Doesn't get any better than that!

- Jan B


I have absolutely no words... to see the healing in relationships in my family... to see the friendships I've cultivated along the way... just experiencing the joy of life.... It's so beautiful!!

And you have played such a big role in all of it!! ❀️ I was sharing last week about what's different is there is peace in my soul. And joy.

So much joy in the miracle of everyday life. πŸ’«πŸŒŸβš‘οΈβœ¨βœ¨βš‘οΈπŸŒŸMy ❀️is full of gratitude for you. You have been the catalyst for so many of these changes.

- Rebecca H


Working with Lisbeth in her Spiritually Wealthy Woman Retreat was an amazing experience, and never before had I felt so energized after an event. I was so inspired by the work we did, the community within the group and listening to my higher self that I created a whole program for my own community within 24 hours.

If you're looking for connection and growth, this is the perfect event for you!

- Marsha B

Lisbeth’s retreat was an amazing spiritual experience. We shared stories, laughs and even a few tears. One of the most fulfilling experiences was the Yoga Nidra that we did near the end of the day. It left me feeling content, empowered and ready to tackle my next challenges. I highly recommend this experience to anyone wishing to expand their spiritual horizons.

- Amy S.

Attending Lisbeth's retreat allowed me to perceive my gifts in a new light.
I realized that what I wanted was right in front of me.

Attending the retreat helped me give myself the permission to face the things I didn't want to see and helped me step into the leader that I am so that I can help others heal.

- Joycelynn H.

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