Hello Gorgeous!

Are you ready to embrace your own unique divineAF powers and manifest the life you are meant to have?

You already know life is meant to be abundant but fear keeps you from embracing your divinity. It is time to SHIFT your vibe to a whole new FUN, RICH and #DivineAF frequency that will elevate your life, inner peace and joy. 

It's Okay Gorgeous

When you are full of fear and doubt it may be hard to notice, but you are always divinely supported in your journey.

Does This Sound Like You?

Mindset Checklist

  • I have a lot to appreciate but I am constantly anxious!!
  • I don't know what I want in life.
  • I am not happy.
  • I am tired of working so hard.
  • I am rarely content or peaceful.
  • I try to be grateful but there's too much pain.
  • I am failing in life.
  • I feel angry that things are always going wrong!
  • This is more than I can handle.
  • I am overwhelmed and scared!
  • I just can't manifest what I want in life.
  • It's crazy to believe that my thoughts create reality.
  • What if things go horribly wrong?
  • Will I be secure and safe in the future?
  • I don't feel like I know my purpose or have a passion.
  • Life feels dull and meaningless.
  • I am not good enough.
  • I don't like how I look.
  • There's nothing unique or special that I can offer the world.
  • Some other variation of the above that involves you feeling fearful, doubtful, angry, depleted and anxious.

Hey Rockstar! I get it! I felt it too!  

It is how I felt for years being restless and unfulfilled in my life and nursing career. I knew there had to be a better way and I leaned into my spiritual awakening and true path as a healer, way shower, and holder of the light... 🧘🏻‍♀️ 

I was checking all the boxes, working hard to create the ideal life but I still felt dissatisfied and fearful! 

On my journey inward, I discovered the missing link - a 
divine connection to my soul/higher self was revealed.✨

She’s been here all along, but I didn’t have the tools, much less the level of receptivity and openness to receive this life affirming divine guidance. 

Once I connected with her and the divine wisdom, I was REBORN.

Source guided me to help uncover subconscious blocks that were manifesting as illness and suffering in my patients.

They were having positive outcomes in record time and I had to fully embrace something that I used to be skeptical about: we are all divineAF and connected to Source!    

For 11 years, I've been helping women connect to their spiritual nature, their divine nature, their soul essence through play (which means imagination and creativity), using totally FUN tools and techniques uniquely suited to them. Manifestation is meant to be FUN and it can be when you allow yourself to embrace your divinity! 🦋
#ThatsTheTruthyRuthy! You ARE #DivineAF


What gives me life:
Helping you recognise and embody your unique divine powers, so you can live your best life! 

The Resistance

How You Feel Now

You might feel lonely, disconnected, joyless, afraid or doubtful. You may be skeptical about your divine nature. It's normal to go through this. Sometimes you need a little boost and added support to remember who you truly are. 


Feeling Low?

Your awareness of those low vibes is a clear indicator that something divine is being born within. Learn how to lean in and allow your divinity to do it's thing!

Energetic Block?

When you focus your attention and trust source, your energetic blocks start to come to the surface so you can release them with ease and intention. 

Not Manifesting?

Amplify your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well being through simple practices and elevate your manifestation prowess.

Doubting Yourself?

It's easy to doubt when things are going wrong! Surround yourself with people and experiences that remind you of your divine nature. You're never alone.


Premium 1:1 Coaching

6 Weeks of One-On-One Coaching
with Lisbeth Overton! 

Identify the predominant blocks that prevent you from manifesting and develop a KICK-ASS, FUN, and BRILLIANT, EASY-TO-MAINTAIN, energetic blueprint TAILORED to your unique divine needs and desires.

START manifesting with ease, grace and JOY!

I am 100% committed to your soul's expansion!

Are you ready to become MagneticAF and create a DivineAF life??

Elevate Your Vibe

Feel Connected & DivineAF

Rise above the fuckery! We got this rockstar! 
This coaching program is a powerful, high vibe, 1-on-1 deep dive into your soul's purpose. It will elevate your vibe so you can stop doubting, stop fearing, and start supercharging your life as a conscious creator and you will have fun doing it too!

Love the Contrast

We're gonna LOVE your contrast/struggles and LEAN all the way in to discover your divine path.

Find Divine Purpose

I see your divinity even when you don't and I'll gently help you see it too! This is gonna be FUN!

Manifest with Ease

FUN is key and we are going to laugh all the way to your dreams while we release energetic blocks!

A New DivineAF You

A new you requires practice and I'm gonna be with you all the way gorgeous! Embody your highest self!  

"Working with Lisbeth Overton has been inspiring and motivating well beyond the normal working relationship. Upon meeting Lisbeth, she has been a huge cheerleader for me, mentoring me and sharing valuable information that pushes me to be better at what I do! She is a rare individual who lives her values and makes a point of sharing her wealth of knowledge in countless useful ways because she believes in helping everyone to meet their potential and live a better life. "

- SARAH ROUTMAN, MEd Keynote Speaker, Laughter Yoga Specialist, Educator, Coach 

What You Get With This Program?

A DivineAF Life!

This is a comprehensive online coaching program for those who want to stop feeling the fuckery and become conscious creators in full command of the #divineAF nature of their being.


Abundant Bundle

All that and more!

6 Week Of Premium 1-on-1 Coaching + Bonuses

  • I am dedicated to serving the expansion of your soul with integrity, care, connection and truckloads of FUN!

  • 6 weeks of private coaching and mentoring.

  • 6 x Weekly 1 Hour Zoom Sessions 1:1. Recorded for you to keep.

  • WhatsApp/Marco Polo support in between calls with audio and video if you feel overwhelmed or stuck and to share epic aha's, insights, and downloads that happen between calls. 

  • You'll receive the DivineAF Coaching Guidebook to support you in between calls and to record your manifestation journey! 

  • I will help you identify the predominant blocks that prevent you from manifesting what you want in life.

  • We will develop a KICK-ASS, FUN, and BRILLIANTLY EASY TO MAINTAIN, energetic blueprint TAILORED to your unique divine needs and desires so you can start manifesting with ease, grace and JOY!

  • Map out the predominant desire you wish to manifest.

  • Set up and practice together your Divine Intention that you will use daily to manifest your desires with massive success.

  • To ensure lasting success, we will practice your Divine Intention together.

  • We will explore and create an energetic plan to activate and maintain the best energetic frequency that keeps you in the state of allowing.

  • You will learn how to access the divine to find the path of least resistance and make manifestation easy and fun every single day. 

Valued At: $5000


Life Is Abundant!

DivineAF Bonuses!

I am always looking to serve in abundance!
When you sign up, you'll also receive these divineAF bonuses!


Card Deck!

A DivineAF Gift!

Your Free Gift: DivineAF Affirmation Card Deck - get this GORGEOUS, highly Divine, truly inspiring card deck to support your high vibe energy + to connect with your Divine support team.

Valued At: $44 
(Free While Stock Lasts)

In Stock


Akashic Record Session

Choose Full Pay!
Receive A Free Akashic Record Session!

If you choose to pay in full, you will also receive a 2 hour DivineAF deep dive with Lisbeth to tap into your Akashic Records for any soul connected wisdom that will support your manifestation journey. 

Valued At: $500


DivineAF Journal!

Life Is Abundant!

Your Free Gift: DivineAF Daily Affirmations & Manifestation Journal to support your queen + goddess energy + mood with beautiful visuals and words from the Divine to keep you on track and feel supported on your journey.

Valued At: $22.22 
(Free While Stock Lasts)

In Stock

Full Value: $5566.22

Get The Full Program Plus Bonus Gifts For


3 Different Payment Options!

Full Pay - $2500
+ Akashic Record Session
(Best Value*)

2 Payments - $1300 x 2
(Total: $2600)

3 Payments - $900 x 3
(Total: $2700) 

*Select Full Pay To Receive a 2 Hour DivineAF Akashic Record Session with Lisbeth + Save up to $200! 

DivineAF Money Back Guarantee

Get 100% of Your Money Back!

The expansion of your soul is my life's work and I serve with integrity! I go all in with my service to you with passion and love!

If you don't LOVE THE VIBE after your first session with me, you can ask for refund and get 100% of your money back! No questions asked.

"I signed up for Lisbeth's Coaching Package and received so much more than I bargained for. I had no idea that my struggles with abundance and prosperity had nothing to do with money itself, but rather my subconscious, learned beliefs surrounding money and wealth. My struggles surrounding money were actually only a symptom of much deeper issues that really didn't have anything to do with money at all. Through Lisbeth's coaching and use of Akashic records, I learned so much about myself as well as exactly what was holding me back from all the abundance and prosperity I desired. If you have considered working with Lisbeth, sign up now. You won't regret it. Her love and light is reflected in everything she does, and I promise you will be a better version of yourself for having worked with her."

- Rebecca H

Ready To Meet Your Higher Self?

Get DivineAF Coaching!

I am ready to meet you where you are, and serve you with integrity, safety and connection. Serving your higher purpose is what gives me LIFE!




With Free Akashic Record Session + Save $200

If you'd love to save yourself $200 and receive a 2 hour divine AF deep dive with Lisbeth to tap into your Akashic Records for any soul connected wisdom that will support your manifestation journey.

Money Back Guarantee


Two Payments


2 months (Total $2600)

Take it slow and pay over two months. 

Money Back Guarantee 


Three Payments


3 months (Total $2700)

Take it slower and pay over three months. 

Money Back Guarantee


Integrity, Safety, Connection

Money Back Guarantee

Serving the expansion of your soul is my life's work! I go all in with my service to you with passion, love, enthusiasm and dedication!

If you don't LOVE THE VIBE after your first session with me, you can ask for refund and get 100% of your money back! No questions asked.

With My Magic Turquoise Glasses

I See You

Wondering if we're a good fit for each other?
Here's how I see you!

Before we've even had the chance to speak, I already see you as complete and divineAF! 

It's not about meeting some ideal. It's about embracing where you ARE!!!

Every part of your being is embraced fully. 

There's no part in your experience that's too whacky to love! I am open-minded AF and I LOVE sharing stories about the divine nature of our lives!

You are family from the start because I believe if you feel a pull toward me, you and I are meant to work together on your soul journey. 

I love you fully from the start to the finish line and beyond.  

I am divinely guided to create a safe, comfortable and FUN environment where even the most reserved of my clients feel completely at home and open to exploring the deeper parts of their soul. 

I hear this often "I never thought I'd say this out loud to anyone...but with you, I can speak freely and openly and enjoy all of it with no shame or fear."

Alternatively, I also always hear this, "I didn't even know that was affecting my manifestation. I only became conscious of it after speaking to you!"

Gorgeous, I'm here for you!

If you don't feel a divineAF shift in energy after your first session with me, you can request a full refund! 

Ready to say YES to your divinity?

Yes! Sign Me Up!

The DivineAF Coaching Program

Embrace Your Divinity

from fearful, doubtful and anxious to...

  • I feel fulfilled and satisfied in the present moment.
  • I feel divineAF!
  • I embrace the spiritual side to life without doubts.
  • I understand my self-limiting beliefs and know how to manage them.
  • I feel passionate inside and grateful everyday.
  • I lean into resistance and learn from it, knowing that I am divinely supported.
  • I manifest with ease and joy!
  • Life feels fun and exciting.
  • I am not afraid to stand out even if my spiritual experience is not understood by everyone.
  • I love surrounding myself with high-frequency people and I am a high-frequency person.
  • All is well, I surrender and trust the universe.



"Prior to working with Lisbeth, I had issues around shame and it was hard for me to forgive not only myself, but others. Loving myself was not easy for me. Lisbeth has taught me the power of self-love and forgiveness. This allowed me to show up in my full potential in life and work. This shift has allowed freedom in so many areas of my life. Working with Lisbeth has allowed me to see myself differently, with much less shame. Loving myself has allowed so much forgiveness into my life!!!!! So freeing on so many levels! Letting go of shame and forgiving others lets us walk away and walk into the person we are meant to be. How much more positive and productive for everyone and for the universe!"

-Betsy C, Nurse Practitioner 

Divine Clarity Is Yours

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions at all that isn't covered in this FAQ, feel free to email me at [email protected] and my team will get back to you!  




"Honestly, from the very beginning I felt refreshed and infused with a new flowing energy the first time I met with Lisbeth.

I have learned many new tools along with discarding some old ones that did not work for me anymore.

I have learned some life work balance and am starting to own my awesomeness. Loving myself and taking care of the nurse within me is one of the best ways I can be of service to others.

The work I have been doing has given me the recommitment on a different level of self care and love.

My reawakening to my world has been brighter, more peaceful, with a lot more laughter and life flowing through me.

I have more confidence in my beliefs and desires. My doubt, fear, and perception of lack has decreased.

I will say one of the biggest gifts of working with Lisbeth is the ability to watch some one shine as their authentic amazing self through her videos and our talks, this encourages me on a soul level to do the same because I am worth it.

- Jessica S

Ready My Love?

I'm so ready to serve your higher purpose and elevate your energy! This is what feeds my soul! I'm HERE for it! If you feel a pull inside your heart telling you that this is the right vibe for you, let's get started right away! You are divineAF!

I'm Ready To Feel DivineAF!

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