The Truth About Manifestation

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Manifest With Daily Journaling


Manifestation is LIFE!

Manifestation is the ever changing, ever evolving, YOU responding to all that life is queuing up for you.

Manifestation is the opportunity for you to ALIGN with the whole of who you ARE in your most expansive and playful self.

Life is supposed to be fun, expansive, and aligned with what lights you up!

However, life has convinced you to put your faith in the false premise that manifestation means that your joy is always conditional on some external circumstance or behavior of another.

For example, when X (happens) manifests, then you will:

  • have ARRIVED, 
  • feel BETTER, 
  • be WHOLE, 
  • finally be HAPPY. 

When in reality, Feeling GOOD is really what you're after all along. 

When you understand the Law of Attraction you know that what is likened unto itself is drawn. So whatever you give your undivided attention to (conscious or unconscious) expands, always. It is law. 

Without your awareness you have become practiced at the vibration or hyper focus on what sucks or is not working. Therefore your life experience brings you more of what sucks. 

When you shift your focus to what is good and what you are appreciative of that is going right, your entire life changes in an instant.

When you practice this day in and day out, it eventually becomes your primary point of attraction and you attract all kinds of wonderful things onto your path and into your experience.

Does that sound appealing to you? 

Have you ever heard the phrase that a journal is the 79 cent therapist? 

In my experience, journaling is the PORTAL to epic self discovery and one of the fastest & simplest ways to SHIFT your energy where becoming the frequency of your desire is IMMEDIATE. 

A daily journal practice is a wonderful conduit to connect you with the high vibrational BEING that you ARE where your magnificence comes into more visible FOCUS and little by little you shift from old patterns of thinking to new patterns of thinking where possibilities, opportunities, and expansion are the norm, not the exception.

You begin to feel like there is more breathing room, more laughter, more joy, more miracles, and more of your wishes being fulfilled. 

Don't believe me? 🤓

We'll go ahead and give it a try for 30 days and then we'll chat! 

Putting pen to paper seems too simple to create such quantum results. 

And it works. If you believe in it and actually practice it! 

Now is a great time to harness your wonder, magnificence, wholeness, divinity, and JOY! 

How will 2023 feel to be supported in reconnecting you to your truest self + deepest desires and easy manifestation becomes child play because you know the tricks to work the magic? 

If you need a jumpstart and some guidance to begin this journal practice, my gorgeous 150 page Divine AF Daily Affirmations and Manifestation Journal For Women is a perfect place to BEGIN. 

There are daily affirmations to reflect on each day for 7 weeks. That's 49 opportunities to IMAGINE what may go right for you.  Plus there are 10 of the Divine AF Affirmation Cards as a bonus to help you go even deeper with your discovery of SELF 

And it happens to be on SALE today 🎉🎉

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$11.11 available on the AMAZONS 

Grab one for yourself and your soul friend who plans to lean into the QUANTUM POSSIBILITIES in 2023!! 

What are you calling in for 2023? 

I trust it is wonderful and delightful and you will enjoy the journey as it begins to flow into your experience. 

May you be blessed and delighted today and each day of 2023.



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