Are You Making The Most Common Manifestation Mistake?

abraham hicks law of attraction manifestation oracle reading quantum Feb 26, 2023

Is the STORY you keep telling repelling your desires?

This is literally the MOST common manifestation mistake on the PLANET. 🌏

People do not understand that we live in an ATTRACTION 🧲based Universe.

This simply means that NO THING is EXCLUDED in that formula!

Lemme break it down further. 😘

The thing you are most AFRAID of or that you absolutely DO NOT WANT ever never is also included in the formula, 🎯especially when you keep pushing against it or talking about it ad nauseam. 🗣📣

I will teach you how to shift from a practiced vibration of clinging to the story of the very thing that you do not want to sharing with ease the deepest desires in your soul. 🌸

It's easier than you think. 🦋

If you're live with me at 111pm CT today on YouTube 🎥 and want some support on how to apply this to your own life I will offer you a personalized reading. 🔮

Share with your bestie and join me LIVE today on my YouTube Channel for this life affirming wisdom. 

To your radical abundance, ❤️‍🔥



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