Cervical Dystonia-A Divine Twist

cervical dystonia awareness deep brain stimulation dystonia medical research foundation holistic healing holistic nurse integrative health podcast transformation well being Feb 26, 2024
Cervical Dystonia is rare movement disorder that causes involuntary muscle activation of the neck and shoulder muscles that cause abnormal movements and postures. Learn more at Dystonia Medical Research Foundation.
It can take years to be properly diagnosed which perpetuates pain and suffering for the individual.
In my 26 years of nursing, I had never heard of it.
I have had Cervical Dystonia for 8 years and several of those years were the darkest years I have ever experienced. I beat myself up for acquiring this rare neurological disorder, I withdrew, isolated, felt like I had been robbed of joy and all the things I loved. It was devastating. I became a shell of who I once was.
And with a lot of practice, patience, self love and persistence I have changed how I view this diagnosis and what it means for me and my ability to experience joy and vitality.
As humans it is our default to focus on our limitations and what's not working.
As an opportunist, I am always seeking the bigger vision or lesson that is being presented to me. When Cervical Dystonia came into my experience I was given the perfect opportunity to discover why this was happening for me.
I call Cervical Dystonia the Divine Disruptor and view it as a Divine Twist. I believe all things and experiences in life are for a divine purpose that bring us back to our core and that is LOVE.
It comes to disrupt everything in your life that you may have taken for granted and asks that you dig deep into what it is that you want and tests your faith in what's possible.
As a person who needed a high level of control having a condition that created physical twisting and turning that I literally could not control or hide was the ultimate test of faith!
It has been a wild ride and I am just so passionate about sharing  with others what has helped me transform my relationship with it so that I can live to the fullest capacity possible despite this condition.
In my experience, there is both individual and collective healing when we share our stories.
I will be hosting a new podcast called, A Divine Twist-Conversations highlighting the courageous stories of those navigating Cervical Dystonia with the intention to offer support, resources, hope, possibility, authentic connection and community.
You can follow along on my YouTube channel
The first episode is with Cathy who shares her courageous journey with Cervical Dystonia.
If you have Cervical Dystonia and want to share your story, please connect with me at: [email protected]
Wherever this finds you, please know that you are Divine beyond measure!
Until next time,

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