Cervical Dystonia and Other Events That Fueled TK To Be an Outlier On a Mission To Dish Hope and Healing

cervical dystonia dystonia awareness dystonia coach dystonia medical research foundation healing holistic nurse podcast wellness Jul 09, 2024

I am having a ball with A Divine Twist- Conversations highlighting the courageous stories of those navigating Cervical Dystonia in hopes to offer support, resources, possibility, authentic connection and community.
⚠️Disclaimer: Nothing in this video is meant to be taken as medical advice. The information shared in this video is for educational purposes. Always consult your provider prior to making decisions about your health and medical condition.
In today's episode I sit down with TK to discuss her Dystonia journey. Her story is sure to inspire, encourage, and dish up some serious hope along your journey towards well being.
To connect with TK, check out her website .  
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