Cervical Dystonia Kept Drew From Work, And It Also Unleashed Something Magical

artist cervical dystonia creativity deep brain stimulator emotional health movement disorder neck pain neurological disorders podcast Mar 09, 2024

Cervical Dystonia is a rare neurological disorder that causes involuntary muscle activation of the neck and shoulder muscles that cause abnormal movements, postures or both. Movements are patterned and have a twisting component

I believe those who are chosen to experience Cervical Dystonia are a rare breed! We are tenacious, persistent, sensitive, strong, and courageous. 

The frustrating thing about this condition is that while some of the underlying symptoms and presentations are similar, no two people present the same way and there is a lack of training in the medical community about this condition. This prolongs accurate diagnosis for those navigating this condition. We have to do better. The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation is trying to change that. 

Being a Registered Nurse, a human navigating Cervical Dystonia myself, an opportunist and eternal seeker for silver linings and rainbows after the rainstorms, I have started a podcast on YouTube aptly named, A Divine Twist to share the brave stories of those who are making lemonade with their Dystonia.

I believe all things are better shared and we are always better together.

Sure Cervical Dystonia can give you a run for your money, however it can also help unleash your inner creative genius like it did for today's guest.

Tune in to see how Dystonia helped Drew unleash his inner creative after Dystonia kept him from being able to work. 

A Divine Twist. 

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