Cervical Dystonia- The Divine Disruptor

cervical dystonia cervical dystonia awareness hope movement disorder neurological disorders nurse transformation Aug 04, 2023

Happy FriYAY! 


I will be LIVE today at 12pm Central Time on Transformation Talk Radio with my dear friend and transformational coach Martine sharing my story about Cervical Dystonia and I would be humbled for your presence. 


Here’s what I know for certain……..

When life hands you lemons it’s up to you to make all the lemonade you can muster. 🍋🍋


When life hands you a rare medical condition, it’s up to you to decide how you want to navigate all that comes with it. 💯


And it’s not for the faint of heart. ❤️


Never did I imagine the opportunity I would receive to apply my faith, mindset, and focus like I have after being diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia. 🤯


It has been a bumpy ride these last 7 years and I have learned a great bit about suffering and the capacity of the human spirit. 


I must share what I have learned with others to hold the light for others navigating this path that can be misunderstood and extremely isolating. 🙏🏽🕊️💐


Cervical Dystonia-A Divine Disruptor 

How To Cultivate an Energized Life With Ease, Mobility, and Joy Despite Having A Chronic Medical Condition.


Whether you have a chronic medical condition or a patch of crappy circumstances, this is sure to UPlift and Inspire you. 


I hope you’ll JOIN us. 


Happy FriYAY 🦋



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