Could This Detour Be A Window of Opportunity?

Feb 25, 2022

When life doesn’t go “as planned” it’s because there is something far better and more aligned with your soul’s path than you can see on the other side of this blip on the radar!

This post is from my Manifesting Miracle Moves course and of course shows up in the most divine timing. I think you will resonate with it if you are experiencing closed doors or what you perceive as DETOUR(s).


This is the biggest life transforming lesson I have come to know over the last 9 years.

When you can have faith and trust in that, you are back in that canoe being carried by the stream versus paddling upstream against the current.

Can you feel the power and liberation in that?

This landed for me several years ago when I had to interview for a job I was already doing. There were some operational changes in the company and it required me to interview for this new position.

I completed the interview and I felt it went swimmingly and it was a total shoe in the bag.

Needless to say, when I was not offered the job (that I was already doing) I was LIVID and SHOCKED.

After I had a moment to gather myself and there was enough distance between me and that event, I came to realize that this was a window into the next evolution of my soul journey.

That job that I didn’t get turned out to be a colossal clusterF and one of my biggest BLESSINGS!

The workload was ridiculous and the leadership sucked. Every single person was miserable. The people who were assigned to that role were dropping like flies and the turnover was insane! Crisis averted!!!!

If I had gotten that job, I would not be here today with you, fulfilling my lifelong dream of working with women to help TRANSFORM their lives for the greatest good.

When life slams a door in your face, it’s only because your soul has a huge bay window of opportunity it needs you to walk through.

Talk to me about your most sacred Divine Detours…..I want to hear how yours unfolded. Lemme know in the comments.

Enjoy the journey:)



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