Do You Need A Fresh Perspective on Life?

Feb 25, 2022

Sometimes you don’t realize you need a fresh perspective on things until you physically move yourself from your current environment. I had this realization while on a trip to Cali with my mr.

Happy Sunday from gorgeous California. My hubby and I are celebrating his birthday today and relishing in a much needed break from the continuous sub-zero temps in Minnesota.

Physically moving yourself from your environment can provide a wonderful opportunity to see things differently, to gain a new perspective.

Often when we are facing things in life that shake us to our core or have us question why we are truly here it’s difficult because we can’t see the forest for the trees.

We are so attached to the issue that the solution or resolution can’t be accessed through our narrow lens.

Where in your life do you need to give yourself a window to see a different perspective?

How will you provide yourself the opportunity to see your circumstance through a fresh lens?

Physically removing yourself from your known environment is a great way to shift your view!

Engaging in an activity whether it be an obstacle course or kayaking or something you have never done is a great way to shift your perspective.

Taking the scenic route to a location you frequent via a different method (bike in lieu of the bus) is another wonderful way to shift your vantage point.

Talking things out with a trusted friend or therapist is a great way to gain a different perspective.

Asking for support from the source you trust in to support your vantage point is another great way to shift your perspective.

And one of my all time favorites, going to the inner gym. Any activity that takes you straight to the altar of your heart space in a nonjudgmental way and simply observing your experience, no matter how messy and having compassion and love for yourself without trying to change the circumstance.

Healing begins when we allow ourselves to be exactly where we are, despite how shitty it feels. This offering creates peace as we allow ourselves to be with the suck or whatever is going on. It is from this sacred and vulnerable place that the shift can begin. That we can gather a glimpse of a different vantage point. We get a little taste of the relief that is on the other side of our discomfort.

Getting to the inner gym is not always smooth and easy, and it’s MANDATORY if you wish to live a life that is true to your genuine magnificence grounded in unconditional love that requires no permission to thrive in wonder and delight along the way.

Does your current perspective need a refresh? Are you feeling stuck in an old limiting vantage point?

How is your habit of getting to the inner gym?

What kinds of things do you do to get to the inner gym?

If you are looking for a simple way to access your inner gym, I invite you to play with my sacred Divine Downloads card deck that landed for me when I shifted my limited perspective!

Manifesting MIracle Moves, a transformational reflective writing experience over 33 days for you to connect with your inner wisdom, deepest heartfelt desires in a nonjudgmental container of unconditional love and support where you will uncover a new fresh perspective on your life and cultivate curiosity toward a more abundant vantage point that increases your bandwidth for believing in miracles.

Drop me a #ManifestingMIracles in the comments or send me a message and I will get you the link!

From my inner gym to yours!


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