How Do You Know You're Chasing the Wrong Rabbit 🐰 🐇 with Cervical Dystonia 🤯?

cervical dystonia cervical dystonia awareness healing integrative holistic nurse movement disorder pain relief transformation Sep 16, 2023

How Do You Know You're Chasing the Wrong Rabbit 🐰 🐇 with Cervical Dystonia 🤯? 

Easy 🎯

If you are focusing on something outside of yourself! It's the wrong rabbit 🐇🐰🐇🐰🐇🐰

When instead you can leverage the most powerful thing in your possession. 

The real estate between your ears 🤯🧠

✅Your thoughts. 

✅Your thinking.

✅Your beliefs about your diagnosis and your well being. 

🙏🏽🤔🤞While you wait for a CURE, you could be helping yourself feel better now. ❤️

How do I know? 🤔🤓I have had Cervical Dystonia for 7 years. 🙋‍♀️My choices are the proof in the pudding. 🎯💯🧲

When I changed my point of focus from out here 🏥🏨🥼to in here ❤️, everything changed, including my neck, posture, and pain. 

If you are tired of waiting for the cure or magic bullet to heal and just want to feel better NOW, I want you to join my FREE 5 DAY CERVICAL DYSTONIA RESET CHALLENGE 💖 to learn how I overcame:

🎯severe head postures, 

🎯nauseating fear, 

🎯crippling anxiety, and 

🎯complete despair that tags along with Cervical Dystonia 🤯 

Where I dish on everything I did and thought to get to where I AM today. 



✅Free of fear. 

✅Flexible 🤸‍♀️.



✅Excited about today as well as the future. 

✅The true ME ❤️is back 🤸‍♀️

Enroll TODAY, 🎉we begin SOON! 

I look forward to supporting your transformation  🙏🏽



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