How To Create An Oracle Deck In Canva That Sells

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This post is going to show you how easy it is to Create An Oracle Deck in Canva That Sells and connect you with the tools to make it happen, but really it’s the story of how One Artist and 3 Strangers met on the inner webs and became 4 Soul Sisters who created 3 Oracle Decks in Canva That Sell! 

If you want to get right to the details, click HERE. 

2023 is fast becoming the rise of the Divine Feminine. 

Women from all walks of life gather around one another to uplift each other and witness one another as we evolve into the most divine expression of ourselves. 

Oh and it’s FUN and filled with shenanigans every step of the way! All of our inner kids are out in full force!

This is the story of 4 strangers meeting on the inner webs and developing an instant soul connection and going on to create powerful tools to help uplift and elevate our individual and global consciousness that also make residual income. 

Allow me to introduce Daniela Romina Alfieri aka Noharanda, a wicked talented artist who has a business centered around gorgeous illustrations infused with empowerment and spirituality and oozes an Abundance Consciousness. 

Jodi Frances, an Integrated Therapeutic Practitioner who uses different healing modalities to help create a life of balance that prioritizes well being and celebrates all aspects of the true self. Her work is about teaching individuals how to come back into the body and help individuals feel safe even amidst transitions of life. 

Mary Riposo, Reiki Master, Author, and Teacher who teaches the art and ease of self care through the practice of Reiki. 

Lisbeth Overton, manifestation mentor and spiritual fitness trainer who helps women build confidence in their inner wisdom and trust of their spiritual support so that they can manifest with less effort and more ease and have way more fun along the way. 

The four of us were strangers living all over the world when we met in Amber Chalus's Biz Sister Facebook group. 

Daniela did a FB Live About How To Create Card Decks in Amber’s FB group. 

Mary, Jodi, and I all signed up. I signed up in July of 2022. We all got to know one another in Daniela’s FB group as we were navigating this card deck creation journey. 

By the fall, we each had completed our card decks and were selling them with success. 

The love, support, creativity and kinship that Daniela’s course has unleashed within us is rich beyond measure. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

In an effort to share our experience with as many people as possible I thought it would be fun to showcase how one artist's illustrations and abundance consciousness has contributed to the joy, expansion, and connection of 3 total strangers. 

For that I will be forever grateful. 

This is also evidence of what’s possible for you to unveil, birth, create, and express when you give yourself the opportunity! 

The Universe absolutely has your back and is waiting to receive your order. 

If you have a burning desire to express yourself through an Oracle Deck, THIS is your SIGN that it’s already done. 

Create Your Oracle Deck in 2023 with Daniela’s/Noharanda’s wisdom + expertise in her Card Deck Creation Course.  

Take a listen to each of the interviews to get a feel for what Daniela’s course is like and how you might apply it to your life +/ or business. . 

Of course we are all happy to answer any questions that you have. Connect with me at: [email protected] 

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