Is There A Deep Desire Within Your Soul Wishing To Manifest?

Jul 06, 2022

Is There A Deep Desire Within Your Soul Wishing To Manifest?


Manifestation is a way to merge with or become resonant with a desire that you hold in your soul.

To see this in more detail, check out my video, Manifestation Simplified.

Often when people first attempt to manifest something and learn about the Law of Attraction there is a lot of forcing and manipulation happening. That just creates frustration and pushes your desire farther down the line.

I hope to clear up some of the most common misconceptions about manifestation so that you can create a clear vision to fulfill your soul’s desire.

Manifestation is easy, when you know that everything is energy and you understand a few of the energetic laws of the Universe.

Law of Attraction is the universal manager of all vibration. The Law of Attraction states that which is likened to itself is drawn. It’s never not true.

To manifest means to make evident and manifestation is like health and wealth, it’s not something you chase after, acquire, or go get. Rather it is something you tune your frequency, bat channel to so you can receive the physical manifestation of your desire.

If you focus on vibration and regularly participate in things and thought patterns that support expansive quantum vibes, you can never go wrong!

Plus, it’s never about the destination, rather about the journey and from my vantage point if you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.

You did not sign up for Earth school to struggle, suffer, or stay stuck as often as you do.

So, let's talk about a simple framework to stay in the lane of infinite possibilities so you can easily manifest what you truly desire.

Intention, Attention, and Letting Go/Allowing

Intention is your heartfelt desire that exists in the future. It’s the seed or blueprint that has the map to your desire. Let’s say, you want to feel strong enough to lift a certain percentage of weights or to hike a mountain with an altitude of 6,000 feet. Your intention is the blueprint for how you may arrive at the fulfillment of your desire. This is your intention, it is something you are working towards realizing in your life.

Attention is how you direct your focus and energy through your words, actions, thoughts, feelings. The more in alignment your words, actions, thoughts, and feelings are supportive of the fulfillment of your desire, the faster it will manifest in the physical realm.

Interestingly enough, 99% of the (vibrational) energetic work is complete before anything manifests in the physical realm, which is why so many give up just before their desire shows itself.

Letting Go and Allowing is the art of claiming your desire, honing your attention and energy toward the realization of it and then letting it go. In other words, you get really clear with your intention (your desire) and you focus your energy and attention towards that intention and you trust that it is already on its way to you and instead of trying to figure out how it’s going to show up, you sit back and allow it to come to you. This or something better.

This takes time and practice.


I would love to hear from you about your specific intentions and the supportive attention in your thoughts, words, actions, and feelings that will support your desires to manifest.

Stay tuned for my next video where I talk about navigating Divine Detours along the way.


In Divine Love,


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