It's Time To Step Into Your Most Expansive Self

Jun 15, 2022

It's Time To Step Into Your Most Expansive Self.

If you haven’t heard I am hosting an epic virtual retreat this Saturday, it’s aptly called, Divine Timing Soul Travel Retreat.

All in the name of sacred rest, sacred community, sacred remembering, sacred simple spiritual tools, and to be reminded of why you came to planet Earth and that you get to decide how you fulfill your soul purpose.

I have come to understand that only 2 things in life matter.

Agreements and Choice.

What agreements have you made for yourself + your one amazing life?
Is your agreement to the evolution of your highest self/soul or to your ego (false self)?

Every single thought, circumstance, and action that occurs inside of you and outside of you provides you with CHOICE.

You can either cling to fear (ego’s agenda) or love (Source/soul’s agenda).

It’s really that simple.

Here’s the rub: You were programmed with copious amounts of lies about how life is a struggle and there will never be enough to go around and if you’re not struggling or suffering then you are doing it wrong.

As a result, you continue to identify with the pain in your life.

In order to create an expansive life, you must detangle yourself energetically, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually from that (identity)version of yourself. Because that version of you is FALSE.

Hard TRUTH: Earth and your main purpose is EXPANSION. Only + always.

If you are not expanding and growing, you are dying literally.

I am here to show you how to incorporate spiritual principles that remind you of your connection to greatness, expansion, Source, + all that is.

I was on the struggle bus for most of my life and then the struggle became more cumbersome than the work to change.

I would be humbled to share with you how I made the shift from lost, overwhelmed, and frustrated to grounded, deeply peaceful, and manifesting my soul purpose, + all while it doesn’t not matter what is happening around me.

And it doesn’t take tons of doe ray me or TIME. Just commitment + practice with a huge side of FUN & LAUGHTER.

If you’re not having fun, you are missing the entire point!

We take flight this Saturday. I’d love to witness your soul’s expansion. Join HERE.

In Divine Love,


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