Manifest Your Intention With This Powerful Meditation 🌸

intention manifestation meditation yoga nidra Apr 01, 2023
Lisbeth Overton - Manifestation Coach
Manifest Your Intention With This Powerful Meditation 🌸

I just returned from a transformational experience at the exquisite Miraval resort in Tucson.

Miraval is set up in a very special way allowing every experience to support you in an invitation to let go a little more and allowing the Universe to step up and support you in every area of your life. 

I had the opportunity to offer a guided meditation to the participants of the retreat I was attending and this is what Spirit offered me to share, The Manifest Your Intention Meditation

The purpose of the meditation is to plant your intention/desire/goal in the most fertile soil as possible through the art and science of yoga nidra. 

This experience may seem like a simple relaxation to the observer, but it is far more powerful than that.

The experience changes your brain waves to the luminal and magical frequency between alpha + theta waves, the most fertile soil you can get when it comes to manifesting your desires. 

Don't take my word for it. One of the participants gave this feedback, "you have to record this!"

And so, here it is. And so it is. 

Give it a spin and see what comes through for you. It's free and it's only 15 minutes, although the reward is priceless for your mind, body, and spirit. 

Happy meditating!


Meditation by Lisbeth Overton

Music: Chris Collins 

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