Meditations To Support Easy Manifestation

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Whether you want to manifest perfect health, peace, or your soul mate, I got you. 


I practice many things in my day to day that make it easy to sync up with Source and get into a state of allowing and meditation is one of them.


However, there is a specific practice that rings my bells far more than any other, that is Yoga Nidra. 


I discovered Yoga Nidra 5 years ago after my Occupational Therapist recommended I check out Insight Timer (a FREE meditation app) as an antidote to severe INSOMNIA. 


Not only did Yoga Nidra help my insomnia, it facilitated some significant life transformative spiritual experiences. It’s the gift that keeps on giving;) 


It was the catalyst for getting my first Oracle Deck done so quickly. After just 2 sessions I was able to complete the execution of my oracle deck in 2 months, from idea to having the deck in my hands. 


Of all the healing modalities I have learned, practiced and shared, THIS is the one that resonates in every cell of my being because it meets the individual exactly where they are on their life journey and it’s literally the practice of undoing and releasing all that no longer serves you.


It’s a wonderful way to release limiting beliefs and harness new, more uplifting and aligned beliefs. 


A few things about Yoga Nidra:

  • It’s rooted in neuroscience and is a systematic process that provides complete (mental-emotional-physical) relaxation.
  • It leverages something humans are used to doing, sleeping!
  • One yoga nidra session is equivalent to 3 hours of REM sleep.
  • It’s a powerful practice to replace limiting beliefs and/or to plant a seed for something that you are hoping to bring into your life. 
  • Whatever it is that you need, you will receive exactly that with every practice. 
  • The premise is to remain aware and awake during the practice. Although if you fall asleep, you will still receive the benefits. 
  • Richard Miller is the grandfather of iRest, a Yoga Nidra that has been instrumental in supporting veterans with PTSD in achieving significant improvement in their symptoms. 
  • It is fertile soil to amplify easy manifestation… plant the intention (seed) of your desires during such a relaxed state when the brain waves are fluctuating between alpha and theta when the mind is very impressionable.  

If this stirs your soul and your nervous system could use some relief, head over to the FREE meditation app that millions of humans use, Insight Timer. 


I love sharing Yoga Nidra on this app with any and all who are open. Check out my profile to see what is possible for you too! 


What people are saying about the Manifest Perfect Health Meditation.


“So amazing thank you.”



“Wonderful meditation!”



And the Transcending Grief Through Nature & The Breath

“Thank you, this was just what I needed this morning.” 🙏



The most popular, Soul Travel Yoga Nidra is sure to delight! 


How do you manage your gorgeous mind and release limiting beliefs in your daily life? 


I would love to hear from you about it in the comments.


Happy meditating! 


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