Thank You

Apr 21, 2022

Thank you for being a loyal fan and for being a fellow lightworker on planet Earth at this divine time.

It is Earth DAY and an important time to pay homage to the medicine that mother Earth provides us day in and day out.

Mother Gaia is the most primal sacred worldly womb pregnant with infinite possibilities.

When we honor her, when we commune with her, when we listen to her, we access the portal to our highest selves.

Engaging with her in this way on a daily basis creates inner and outer harmony for you and as a result, for everyone you meet.

What is your favorite way to engage with Mother Gaia?

I have enjoyed Earthing for as long as I can remember. Spending hours upon hours under sacred pine trees playing in the dirt in her shade.

Spending hours every summer in camps in the great outdoors.

I had no idea the gravity of her power until I had an enlightening experience at my favorite lake in Minneapolis several years ago that changed who I be forever.

In that moment, where I received a Divine Download (a decree from Source with very specific actions that would help the evolution of my soul) I knew that the Universe unequivocally had my back. Check out this passion project and activate your own Divine Download HERE.

This Earthly divine connection is magical for certain and every single time I go to that special lake is like the first time.

I feel like the trees are conduits of wisdom for me. I am certain that Divine Download came from a specific tree!! I can still remember exactly where I was when I received this message in my my head loud and clear.

It is said that trees have heartbeats and are all connected as evidenced by their incredible root networks below ground. Check out Peter Wohlleben's book, "The Heartbeat of Trees: Embracing Our Ancient Bond With Forests and Nature"

Have you ever talked to or received wisdom from things in nature? Animal totems? Spirit animals? Plants? Trees? I would love to hear your experiences! I recorded a fantastic podcast in 2019 about this very topic with Amber Jane Arquette called, You may be informed about essential oils but do you have full on conversations with plants!

I believe your higher self is attempting to communicate with you on the daily and will only parlay the wisdom or information through a medium that you will know or get.

One of my favorite books of all time is, "The Giving Tree". Have you read this book? I cry every single time I read it.

Each time I visit Lake Harriet I always learn something new and no matter how crazy my day has been I always leave refreshed and renewed by her healing ways.

I cherish our relationship and do my best to be a good steward of the Earth by making conscious choices about how I live and make use of this incredible resource of Earth.

Being in nature can help remind you of your expansive nature.

Please post some of your favorite experiences with nature in the comments.

Wherever you are on your journey, I hope that today on Earth Day you can carve out some time to go Earthing and give some much deserved gratitude to our sacred Mother Gaia who works for us each and every day.

In Divine Love,


P.S. Check out a few of my favorite pictures from Lake Harriet!

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