The Truth About Peace

Mar 17, 2022

When you follow the path of PEACE, BLISS always follows.

If what you’re after is true peace, then you must follow the path of peace. This is the path of truth, forgiveness, curiosity, expansion, laughter, discernment, deep trust and faith and it comes through a devoted connection to something greater.

The path of the ego that I spent chasing most of my days always provides the same results, feeling unfulfilled, empty, and like a failure. There is always something to improve or get on this insatiable path and it’s absolutely not sustainable. The ego is petrified of your happiness and will stop at nothing to keep you imprisoned by your own mind.

Ultimately, the choice is yours for the receiving. A path of peace or a path of suffering.

As I commit to this path of peace, the lightness, the connections, and the bliss are exponential indeed.

If you seek peace, ask yourself what part of you is afraid of taking this route and see what bubbles up.

Sending you peace on this journey of life.



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