The Truth & Art Of Manifestation

May 30, 2022

I have followed Esther Hicks and her teachings of Abraham for years and have completely shifted my BEing as a result of this wisdom. I adore what she says about manifestation.

It is truly about getting up to speed with who you truly are.

Manifestation is about the art of allowing and understanding the laws of the Universe.

By allowing, I mean to let your desire come into your experience/field/vortex. To openly receive the desires that are in your heart to receive.

Many humans are blocking what they want and turn around and say that Manifestation doesn’t work!!!

To manifest is to make evident. To manifest is the quintessential example of energy (vibration) at play.

To manifest, is not something you man handle or go get, rather merge with or become.

To manifest anything means you are attuned to the same frequency of the thing you desire.

It may sound cookey, but it’s really quite simple and it’s certainly not something that we are taught in school or elsewhere!

Every single thing in the Universe is energy.

That means every single thing in the Universe has a frequency/vibration and a signal/bandwidth that emits said frequency/vibration.

The Law of Attraction states that which is likened to itself is drawn.

Law of Attraction is the Universal manager of ALL vibration.

It’s never not true + energy never lies. #BOOM #DROPTHEMIC

You attract what you ARE which = the signal you are emitting.

To manifest well you absolutely need to understand your role in the process.

You are far more powerful than you’ve been led to believe!

You have habitual patterns of thought about every subject under the sun (health/money/relationships/spirituality/politics/ethics/social/economic issues).

You acquired these thoughts during your lifetime and for the most part are unknown to you. In other words, they are rolling around in the background of your subconscious mind. It is your default programming (and it's most likely negative in nature).

These habitual thoughts become your beliefs. You hold them to be true for you.

Each of your thought patterns has a specific frequency. Whenever you are thinking these specific thoughts that frequency is what is active in your energetic field/vibration. When this is active within you, it is attracting to you thoughts of a similar nature and people with similar thoughts.

Law of Attraction creates situations and circumstances in your experience that further validate your active thoughts about this particular subject. It is the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Ironically the thing you want to manifest is the opposite of what’s active in your vibration.

So instead of attracting or manifesting the very thing you want, you are actually pushing it farther away.

For example, if you have a thought pattern about money that states that money is hard to get, there will never be enough, and it is only available in certain quantities yet you wish to manifest money, this will never happen.

If lack (of money) is the most predominant vibration in your field, it is what you will attract into your experience.

So what gives? How do you turn this around?

You need to start thinking about manifestation in terms of energy and vibration.

Manifestation always comes from ALIGNMENT of your energy/vibration with what you desire!

If you continue to focus on what you see with your physical eyes, you will always be misguided.

People who practice the mantra, “I’ll believe it when I see it” do not have the bandwidth to manifest what they desire because they are focusing on what is.

Esther Hicks compares this to continuing to chew gum that has already been chewed! What is becomes irrelevant because it is a representation of the past.

You have to become aware of how you feel and focus on shifting your thoughts to ones that are in alignment with your higher self/Source/All That Is/God/The Universe.

You are actually an iteration of your higher self/Source/All That Is/God/The Universe and anytime you are thinking or acting in a way that is not in ALIGNMENT with this truth it makes you feel terrible emotionally.

When you become aware that you feel bad you can trace your thoughts back to what you were thinking when you first started feeling bad.

Your thought patterns take time to shift and reprogram for better, more aligned thoughts that are indicative of who you are as a beautiful spiritual being.

Your higher self/Source/All That Is/God/The Universe will NEVER go in the weeds with you about any negative anything as it relates to you as a human.

You are absolutely divine always and in all ways. End of story!

In order to change your mind and your thoughts you need to give yourself the gift of time, practice, compassion, grace, and the space to learn to become an observer of your thoughts.

The best way I have found to do this is through practicing mindfulness and meditation.

Mindful just means being aware of what you notice without judging what you notice or placing any attachments on it.

Your mind is designed to think billions of thoughts in your lifetime, so no need to get down on yourself when you notice that it’s doing what it was designed to do. Think thoughts.

Start small and slow and go from there.

Meditation can be sitting quietly for 2 minutes and noticing all the thoughts that flood your mind and being appreciative for the ability to think.

Meditation can be taking a walk and placing your attention on each step you take on your walk.

Meditation can be chanting or saying the word AUM which represents the sound of all that is.

Meditation can be sitting quietly for 5 minutes and watching your breath move in and out of your body.

Meditation can be listening to music for a few minutes and doing nothing else.

Meditation can be a yoga practice.

Meditation is any practice that allows you to become an observer of yourself and your thoughts without judgment of what you find/notice/become aware of.

From there, you can begin to think better feeling thoughts when you catch yourself feeling a negative emotion.

From this place, you become to realize that you are not your thoughts, rather you are a powerful vibrational energy that can direct what you want more of in your sacred life and with far more ease and grace!

A wonderful place to begin is the moment you wake up.

The Law of Attraction is suspended while you sleep. The momentum of the thoughts you have just before sleep are the exact same ones that will pick up when you wake up. You have two opportunities to intercept this pattern by focusing on simple thoughts of appreciation before you go to sleep and before your feet hit the floor in the morning.

Begin super simple and small and build from there. Upon noticing that you are awake you can imagine or state, “I am so appreciative of this comfortable bed.”

With the practice of focusing on your predominant thoughts and how you feel you can become a master manifestor.

If you would like to test drive meditation, head over to my profile on Insight Timer (free meditation app) for guided meditation tracks to support your journey.

If you want to do a deep dive with this manifestation train and learn how to shift your focus from your current reality to the power of your own vibration, allow me to support you at my upcoming virtual retreat, Divine Timing Soul Retreat. 🦋🚀

What do you know to be true about manifestation? Let me hear from you in the comments.

In Divine Love, 💙



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