The Whole Of Who You Are Will Do Whatever It Needs To Find You

Sep 08, 2022

It was 2010. I was newly remarried to my soul mate who I accidentally manifested.


Life was good.


I could check every proverbial box of success and happiness, yet I felt this unshakable void.


I felt stuck and unfulfilled and even worse for wanting more.


Deep within my being, I knew there was a more fulfilling way to do LIFE and I wasn't willing to settle.


I was 2 years shy of my 40th orbit around the sun and was in the throes of the dark night of my soul.


Ironically, three years later at a training session with the amazing Brian Luke Seaward, he uttered the words, "any crisis after 40 is a spiritual crisis." #synchronicity


I can be slow to warm up to things, clearly I was an early adopter to this dark night of the soul thing!


And so, my spiritual sojourn sprung.


What I learned is this.


You have everything you will ever need within you. Right NOW.


There are no things or people external to your being that will EVER bring sustainable fulfillment.


Fulfillment is an inside job. #thatsthetruthRuthy


The only way to access this treasure trove of grounded divine Intel is through your heart.


What has taken me 11 years to study, learn, practice, and apply has landed me here in the whole of who I AM.


Connected to my higher self/Divine/Eternal nature that is safe, grounded, excited, expanded, and ready to PLAY & SHARE!


Part of my journey has included mastering the art of allowing through the practice of MANIFESTATION.


Most humans attempt to manifest so that they will feel better (satisfied), when in fact the only way to manifest anything is to feel better before what you want shows up or manifests in the physical realm. 🎯


This is law!


What I have discovered is that when cultivated with the heart (not the ego) at the helm, manifestation is a beautiful practice to reconnect YOU with the whole of who you ARE.


It is from this place that every single thing that you could ever desire falls into your experience.


You are also afforded far greater IMPACT in the world through your grounded heart and expansive energy of infinite possibilities, because you allow the Universe to flow its infinite resources through you, to you and your causes.


No more chasing.

No more proving.

No more being someone other than who you are.

No more taking responsibility for others' joy.

No more blaming others for your dissatisfaction with life.



Epic levels of JOY 🌼

FUN 🀸‍♀️


CONNECTION to others and ALL that is!


And dancing in the rain and making copious amounts of lemonade when things aren’t going “as planned”.


If your soul desires an easier way to connect with the whole of who you ARE I would be honored to show you HOW.


Wednesday, Sept. 14th, 11am Central Time at the Divine Manifestation Masterclass πŸ’«


It's FREE. 🀸‍♀️




It’s virtual!

No travel. No hotel required. Just a curious spirit and an open heart!


Secure your seat by REGISTERING today! Click HERE to save your seat!


Amazing bonus for those who COMMIT to attend the LIVE event!

My view of MANIFESTATION is through the lens of the DIVINE. Watch this πŸŽ₯ VIDEO to see what I mean.

Hope to dance with you soon.

In divine love πŸ’•



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