There is no Law of Exclusion, Only Attraction.

abraham hicks energy law of attraction manifestation oracle deck quantum vibration Mar 02, 2023

There is no Law of Exclusion, only Attraction.


When you see something you like and you say yes, I like that, you invite it into your experience. 


When you see a bully or something that you don’t like and you shout no at it, you invite it into your experience. 


Attention to anything makes it bigger, always and in all ways.


No exclusions. 


For this to CHANGE, you have to LOOK at what you are including in your story.


Every single time you tell your story with the details of the things you don’t like, you include it in your experience. 


You can begin to tell a new story. Today. 


If you imagined that you had never set foot on the Earth plane and you had a clean slate, what would you wish to discover, know, or experience?


Starting today, I invite you to tell the story of what you desire, in lieu of what has happened up until now that you are angry or disappointed about.  


With practice, you build momentum. 


You hone your focus on what is good and right and you attract more of that into your experience. 


You are literally training your vibration. 


What you vibrate you attract, no exclusions. 


When the unwanted pops up on your path, you go oh hey, I see you and I’m good over here. Carry on with your bad self and I have the confidence that I’ve got this and I am actually ok without the drama of dredging up limiting beliefs and stories from my past. 


I give thanks and so it IS. 


Let me hear from you in the comments. What story are you telling that needs to retire? What is the new story you will tell in its place?


You’ve got this!


To your expanded self,


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