Wanna Get To The Inner Gym? Take These For A Spin

Mar 24, 2022

If you want to become Spiritually Fit, you’re gonna need to spend some time at the Inner Gym.

These visits help connect you to your Divine, Infinite nature which is the space that houses every answer or prayer you will ever need.

Going to the Inner Gym, the altar of your Spiritual essence really doesn't require any physical accouterments, perhaps more helpful are states of being or a level of openness to the unknown.

Most humans have been tricked by their ego into believing that they are not an extension of Source and as such are flawed, have something to get, prove, or improve upon.

It becomes a life of seek and do not find since the ego’s primary belief is scarcity and lack. To believe in your Spiritual nature is to believe in your eternal and infinite nature. 

How do you spin this trickery around after all these years into believing that you are Divine in every way and have never been nor will ever be separate from God/Source/The Universe/All THAT Is?

It takes copious amounts of unlearning and detangling of any thought, conscious or unconscious that represents anything about you other than your pure Spiritual essence of wholeness.

It is quite threatening to the ego for you to align with and live in your pure divinity of wholeness and love.

A few things that can support your visits to the Inner Gym:

Curiosity: what if you actually believed that you were an extension of God/Source/The Universe/All THAT Is? How would that change your life? Is there anything you would do differently?

Sense of Humor: God/Source/The Universe/All THAT Is has a wicked sense of humor and the more you open yourself up to the jokes they play, the more enjoyable the journey.

Grace: What if you could afford yourself a pass for being asleep to this wisdom that you are an extension of God/Source/The Universe/All THAT Is? What would open up for you if you stopped lugging around shame or guilt for not living up to your highest good? What may be possible if you shifted your energetic focus from shame to expansion?

Perception: Imagine shifting your inner dialogue from thoughts of I am unworthy to, I am an extension of Source. Your thoughts create your perception, which is the world you see with your physical eyes projected before you. When you change your perception, ie your vision from lack consciousness to abundance consciousness you begin to see through the spiritual lens of the Divine.

Non Judgment: Allow yourself to be with yourself and your thoughts at the Inner Gym with non judgment. The first step to changing anything is an awareness that it exists. When you observe thoughts that are not helpful, simply witness them without judging yourself or the thoughts themselves.

How does going to the Inner Gym serve you and your spiritual fitness?

Is there something you would add to this list?

To your spiritual brilliance




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