What Does It Mean To Be Spiritually Fit?

Mar 23, 2022

My current understanding of being Spiritually Fit means believing in the idea that you are an extension of Source and ALL THAT IS and that you live your life acknowledging this truth. You see others as an extension of Source and your engagement with them is reflective of this knowledge. You make a concerted effort to get to the Inner Gym on a regular basis to nurture this infinite part of you and to help you navigate life with more grace and ease.

Being Spiritually Fit affords you the gift of Forgiveness. For forgiving yourself when you forgot that you are connected to and are an extension of Source or something greater.

Spiritual Fitness affords you the thing that everyone is chasing, peace. Spiritual Fitness helps you understand that peace is always available, no matter what you are currently experiencing or seeing with your vision. 

Spiritual Fitness is also believing in these principles:

You are whole.

You are an extension of Source.

You hold every answer and prayer to any need you will ever have within your heart.

You have never nor will you ever be separate from God/Source/The Universe/ALL THAT IS.

God/Source/The Universe/ALL THAT IS is always working for your highest good.

What you ask for is always given.

There is nothing for you to improve, become, or do to be worthy of a wonderful life of PEACE.

Any judgment(s) you hold about yourself or another is an illusion created by your ego that perpetuates suffering.

You are a physical being having a spiritual experience. Your experience is directly correlated to your spiritual vision. Your spiritual vision is created by your thoughts. Your thoughts project your life experience and every person, circumstance, and experience you have.

Any life experience you have first occurs within your mind.

Becoming Spiritually Fit requires conscious awareness of your thoughts and regular trips to the Inner Gym. That sacred place where your highest self/Source/God/The Universe/ALL THAT IS reside.

Carving out visits to the Inner Gym opens the channel to Source and your higher wisdom. When you go to the Inner Gym, you will be guided, you will be nurtured, you will be held, you will be witnessed, & you will be rewarded with inner peace. 

So, how do you access your Inner Gym anyway?

Easy, go outside and place your bare feet on the EARTH. Close your eyes and ask to connect to your Inner Gym. Take 3 deep breaths and simply notice what you notice. Grab a journal and jot down what you noticed. Then go about your day and be curious about what Spirit may show you throughout your day.


Celebrating you and your Spiritual Fitness 💫



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