What If You Trusted Your Divine Wisdom?

abraham hicks guided meditation higher self intuition manifestation oracle deck oracle reading spiritualilty Feb 26, 2023

You have Divine wisdom housed deep within you at all times.

Perhaps you resonate with this divine intelligence as intuition?

I quite like Spidey Sense to describe this divine intelligence myself!

The label is frankly irrelevant, it’s what you do with it that matters.

The rub comes in because you may have been taught to dismiss, doubt, or not trust it.

Many of my clients have been convinced to run from this powerful inner knowing, always to their detriment.

You are literally built with this gut-brain connection that is designed for your safety. Even though it’s hard wired, you don’t always believe it, much less trust it!

So what gives? How do you know when you aren’t trusting this powerful internal wisdom from the Divine?

That’s easy, you feel absolutely terrible.

You were designed for life to be easy for the most part and to trust what your body, mind, and spirit are communicating to you!

Certainly struggle is part of the human/3D experience at times, however suffering is totally up for negotiation. It is not required.

In fact, you are designed to thrive, evolve, and grow into the most beautiful quantum expression of your magnificence.

When you turn away from this deep inner teacher and wisdom of course it makes you feel terrible, because that is not who you are.

Have you ever given your power or sovereignty over to someone else?

  • Perhaps you are looking for answers for a health concern by going to the expert(s)?
  • Perhaps you are trying to make a decision and you are asking for other people's input because you don’t trust your judgment?
  • Perhaps you have let your boundaries slide and someone has taken advantage of your kindness?

What if all these perceived “problems” were actually your higher self’s way of trying to get your attention?

To get you to wake up to your north star, inner compass, higher wisdom?

How would your life change if you stopped denying what you sometimes sense but ignore?

Life with an intimate relationship with your divine wisdom is exquisite indeed.

Click the video below to see how easy it is to establish intimacy with the wisdom of your higher self. So you can ditch the chronic self doubt and fear for confidence and sovereignty in your wholeness.

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To Your Divine Self, 😇


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