What's The Problem With Having Cervical Dystonia?

cervical dystonia dystonia awareness energy healing holistic nursing integrative neck pain pain relief Feb 20, 2024
What's the problem with having Cervical Dystonia?
  • It imposes physical limits on what you can do.
  • Physical limitations create the illusion of mental limitations.
  • Mental limitations create emotional turmoil.
  • Emotional turmoil creates distortion in your field and lowers your frequency.
  • This lowers your bandwidth for resilience, vitality, and well being and sets you up for dis-ease + robs your capacity for joy.
It's the perfect storm. 
Or the perfect catalyst for clarity on what matters in between the moments and the bigger picture of LIFE.
When life throws you lemons you make lemonade!
What curveball has life thrown you that has you off your game? 
I have had several, although nothing quite like a diagnosis of Cervical Dystonia to wake you up and really smell the coffee!
8 years with this experience has brought me plenty of suffering along with profound insights. 
That when embodied make life much richer. 
I have dubbed my learnings The Overton Protocol and it includes how I cracked the code 🧬🧬on Cervical Dystonia.
This protocol includes the 8 Pillars of Well Being and when stacked one on top of the other lead to subtle shifts that over time and practice lead to magnificent places and spaces of wonder that honor and celebrate the mind, body, and spirit and your body's natural blueprint to thrive. 
You don't have to have Cervical Dystonia to benefit from this protocol, but if you do it will definitely get you on the road to relief and hope. 
I feel so confident about these teachings that I have crafted a special container to share what I know with you in my Free 5 Day Cervical Dystonia Reset Challenge!
By the end of this challenge, the participant should feel less pain and be more confident about their dystonia and their body's ability to thrive along with these benefits.
  • Decreased Pain
  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Increased Confidence
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sleep
The wonder goes down February 26- March 1st.
I am over the moon to share with you over 5 days what has taken me 8 years to learn.
There will be prizes + giveaways created by yours truly + private community.
To reserve your spot in the sandbox, register TODAY.
Look forward to playing with you soon!
Please check out my YouTube Channel for more content and resources on Cervical Dystonia. 

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