Where Are Your Thoughts Leading You?

Jan 31, 2022

Thoughts create things by way of vibration. 80% of your thoughts are the same ones you had yesterday and 80% are negative in nature! AWESOME right?

If you want to have any say in how your LIFE evolves and you care about your level of satisfaction, it requires your input, observation and awareness.

You expand what you place your attention (energy) on. Whether you are aware or conscious of your thoughts or not, they are always offering a signal to the Universe and pulling a similar frequency back to you. Like attracts like.

It’s February 1st and often a space when people get discouraged with their resolutions and goals. Many have given up already and we are only 1 month into 2022.

It is easy to become overwhelmed and confused when you are not CLEAR on what it is that you truly desire in life.

How can you create the life you want when you aren’t even aware of what you’re doing wrong? How can you disrupt the monkey mind that keeps repeating the past day after day with negative thoughts?

For you to truly peel back the layers and get crystal clear on what you want you have to get to the "Inner Gym". That place deep within you that always knows what you want.

Many set goals in order to fulfill a void that can't be met with the attainment or achievement of a goal.

If I manifest my soulmate, then I'll be happy. Wrong song sunshine. You will be happy when you become happy with your current reality as you work towards and imagine, visualize and feel the wonder and delight now (before you manifest the partner)of how amazing your life is. You essentially must mentally rehearse and emotionally feel how it will feel before it arrives in the physical realm. These are physical laws of the Universe. You have to believe it before you see it!!!

At your most fundamental level, the things that you want line up with the resonance of who you ARE.

We live in a vibrational Universe and the deepest truth of who you are has a very specific signature vibration of it's own and the only way to know if you are in sync or resonance with your specific truth (vibration) is how you FEEL.

If life feels chaotic, unclear, wishy-washy, uneasy, and anxious, you can be sure that you are not living in sync with your truth.

Your truth NEVER gives you unclear signals.

Your truth NEVER goes into the weeds with you about lack of anything.

Your truth is always with you.

Anytime that you are confused by what life is showing you is because you are not in alignment with who you ARE.

At your core, you are abundant and all knowing.

When you get still enough and trust in your divine wisdom, the signals and next best most aligned actions will be revealed to you.

When you feel good, you are in sync with your truest self.

When things are in flow and every single thing is easy, you are in sync with your truest self.

When you begin to notice signs everywhere that you are supported by the Universe and your Inner Being, you are in sync with your truest self.

When you practice enough, living in alignment with your truest self becomes your default.

Are you ready for life to be easy, fun, and abundant?

If you want to get crystal clear on your deepest truth and to be able to discern the way to live that honors and abides in your truth, you are going to have to give that relationship space and practice.

Your truth is always revealing itself to you, it's just you are too distracted by the noise of what everyone else is saying.

It begins with a decision.

You have to decide that living in alignment with your truth and who you ARE is important enough to pursue. You have to be willing to drown out the noise and naysayers with stillness, silence, and become the gentle observer.

Creating time to connect with your gentle still voice is one of the best investments you can ever make, but don't take my word for it. You must try it yourself.

If you are ready to be able to trust that the answers you seek are already within you, come join my Manifesting Miracle Moves container.

33 days of sacred self reflection.

The pathway to stillness and big insights await you here. We are on day 5 and it's one of the most liberating concepts I know, CHOICE.

The thing is, no matter what is going on in your life, you always have CHOICE in how you respond. Every choice is really only 2 choices, you are either making decisions based on your truth (the wisdom of your higher self/Source) or the version of you that is not aligned with your higher self or Source.

When you trust your inner voice (divine compass) you become empowered and inspired to carve your own path and pretty soon, you become the deliberate co-creator you have always wished for.


Let me hear from you in the comments…How are you feeling with the direction your life is headed? Are there some things that need to be released ASAP? Are there some amazing things percolating? I am supporting you and your most evolved version to be expressed with the most EASE and the most FUN!



P.S. If you want to really go deep in this exploration of self and begin to work with untangling your subconscious programming, come explore my Yoga Nidra meditation, Calling Yourself Home on Insight Timer.

A few fun facts about Yoga Nidra:

It’s the art of subtraction, you are releasing all that no longer serves you and you don’t have to “figure it out”.

It’s an ancient meditation practice from the Tantric lineage of yoga and is rooted in neuroscience.

It is best practice to engage with this meditation when you are less likely to fall asleep. However, if you do that’s ok. You will still receive wonderful benefits.

You have gray matter in your brain that takes up real estate for different parts of your body & in the guidance of the practice focusing on these body parts with your awareness helps turn down the activity of the analytical mind which allows the mind to relax and thereby allows the physical body to relax in such a deep way that restoration to homeostasis /balance becomes possible.

This practice will heighten your “inner” senses; specifically your intuition.

It is a systematic process that provides complete (mental-emotional-physical) relaxation.

It leverages something humans are used to doing, sleeping!

One yoga nidra session is equivalent to 3 hours of REM sleep.

It’s a powerful practice to replace limiting beliefs and/or to plant a seed for something that you are hoping to bring into your life.

Whatever it is that you need, you will receive exactly that with every practice.

It’s meant to be repeated on an ongoing basis (a daily practice is ideal and some is better than none) and similar to watching a movie or reading a book, you will receive something new every time.

Richard Miller, psychologist and yogic scholar is the creator of iRest®, a Yoga Nidra practice that has been instrumental in supporting veterans with PTSD in achieving significant improvement in their symptoms.


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