Why Do We Resist The Very Things That Support Our Connection to Source & ALL THAT IS? Why Do We Resist The Very Things That Support Our Connection to Source & ALL THAT IS?

Mar 25, 2022

It’s the human way and a result of having an ego. The egoic path is always self serving and has an insatiable agenda. This perpetuates the lifelong treadmill of humans attempting to get external validation through jumping through copious amounts of hoops along with resisting to acknowledge their perfection and love in the eyes of Source and ALL THAT IS.

The ego does not want you to acknowledge that you are an extension of Source. As long as you are a slave to your ego, you will never be free. If you can acknowledge that you are infinite perfection and made of the same elements that make up the Universe, you have a chance at creating a wonderful life of peace, love, ease, and presence.

I believe the gateway to experiencing heaven on Earth is by nurturing your connection to Source by way of lots of trips to the Inner Gym.

The Inner Gym is the place where your infinite, Divine nature resides. It’s the metaphorical pool of infinite wisdom and possibility that connects you to the aspect of yourself that is an extension of Source. It’s the sacred place where your ego has no influence over you. 

The creative potential for you to tap into here is immense! Even a few moments here will provide wonders for you and your connection to Source.

When you dip your toe into these magical waters it cleanses you of judgment and clears the way for PEACE, EASE, LOVE, & PRESENCE.

 PEACE, EASE, LOVE, AND PRESENCE are the gateway to feeling the presence of and a connection to ALL THAT IS and is a fabulous way to experience Heaven on Earth.

Peace on Earth is available for your receiving. Heaven is not a far away place. Heaven is here now, awaiting your awareness of it.

My first experience of the Inner Gym was on my yoga mat over 20 years ago. I was a brand new nurse working in cardiac intensive care. What brought me to the mat was an attempt to mitigate migraines and severe reflux that were both debilitating.

I would come home from working nights and get right on my mat. This was so long ago that I actually followed along to a VHS tape that I ordered on this thing called the innerwebs!!!!!

I would fall asleep as soon as I was in savasana. After a year of practice, I noticed the connected, grounded, and calm sensation I always felt on my mat after practice began trickling into my daily life.

I felt the same way I did after a yoga practice when I wasn’t doing yoga!!!!!

This was monumental, and was immensely helpful especially navigating the stress of working in critical care. It was so effective at helping reduce my stress that I no longer needed to take medication for my migraines and reflux.

And then I got busy with life and I stopped practicing as regularly and the stressors returned and it took me quite awhile before I returned to my mat.

Around 6 years or so and this time it was to become a teacher. I was dedicated to my practice and teaching and having a ball and then I took another hiatus. 

In the interim, I was strongly attracted to nature. To be specific, a lake a few miles from my house that I was drawn to like a moth to a flame. Being there reminded me of how I felt when I was on my yoga mat. I felt super grounded and connected to something greater and no matter how shitty my day had been, I always left knowing that I was supported by something greater and always felt a million times better.

This connection of support was so strong that I received a Divine Download one day several years ago while at the lake. A Divine Download is wisdom that is life changing and ultra supportive on your spiritual journey. It was clearly a decree from the Divine with a very specific action for me to take. This was definitely the beginning of my spiritual awakening.

My ego did a great job of distracting me from the very things that connect me to Source and ALL THAT IS and in so doing creating loads of unnecessary suffering in my life experience.

Since you have never been nor will you ever be separate from Source, Spirit will always attempt to bring you back to this knowing and experience however many times it takes for you to get it!

I trust you know what I’m talking about?!!! #DivineDetours When things don’t go “as planned”?!

That experience was all I needed to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that when we put our full trust and faith in our Divine nature that anything is possible.

Since that experience, my life has been one synchronistic experience after another. I try not to live with regret, I just wonder how much less suffering I could have had to go through if I had this deep inner knowing and faith earlier in my life. 

How would your life change if you had this built in support system of Source and ALL THAT IS?

 What if you stopped having to jump through hoops to feel at ease, peaceful, and fulfilled in life? I have great news, this life is here and available for you now.

You can access your version of the Inner Gym anytime you wish.

It is quite different for each person, however once you access this magical place, what is possible certainly becomes infinite.

This Inner Gym experience is not something you THINK your way to. It is a place you IMAGINE or visit in your imagination or in real time.

So let me ask you, what comes up for you when you IMAGINE your Inner Gym? Where is that place that connects you to Spirit and ALL THAT IS?

Is it a place that exists in your day to day life or is it imaginary?

Is it a wide open space?

Is it a landscape?

Are there others present?

Have you been here before?

Is it a place from your childhood?


Whatever comes into your consciousness is DIVINE, trust it.

Your Inner Gym is super sacred and for your benefit only. It is whatever you want it to be. It is the portal that connects you with grace, unconditional love, and the version of you that is connected to something greater. Every. Single. Time.

Have fun with it and I pinky swear promise if you commit yourself to connecting with this magical space on a regular basis, you will begin to notice more PEACE, EASE, LOVE, and PRESENCE in your daily experience.

Speaking of Inner Gyms…one of my favorite ways to flex my spiritual fitness is practicing Yoga Nidra. An ancient meditation practice that is done lying down in the most comfortable savasana you can imagine. One session is the equivalent of 3 hours of REM sleep! It is super healing to your beautiful nervous system and also a fabulous way to tame that ego and call forth the things that you wish to co-create with the Universe.

If you have never tried it, I invite you to test drive a few on my teacher profile over on the free meditation app at Insight Timer. 

To your spiritual fitness and loads of fun along the way.



MARCH 26, 2022

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