Why Retreats, More Specifically, Why The Divine Timing Soul Retreat?

Jul 03, 2022

WHY Retreats, more specifically, why The DIVINE TIMING SOUL TRAVEL RETREAT,πŸš€

Because women need a sacred space to be witnessed, supported, seen, + the opportunity to RELEASE what's no longer an energetic match to their soul's expansion + the practical tools to reconnect with that powerful STILL small VOICE ✨✨✨that is dying to reconvene with you. + Have a strong spiritual foundation to help provide stability, trust, hope, faith, and joy as you navigate all the things wanted and unwanted on your soul path.


Humans are wired for these types of sacred gatherings + the individual healing + learning & remembering is collectively monumental.


When 1 human heals we ALL heal. 🌍


What is it that we are healing? The lie that you are separate from Source + ALL THAT IS + the belief that it is not ok to thrive when everything around you seems to be falling apart.


WHAT I teach/offer: a blend of spiritual + practical energetic wisdom that permeates your BEing that opens the door to your higher self/Soul/Source/God/universe so that you may begin to TRUST & RELY on your Divine wisdom that is always available to you.


WHO are my retreats for? Super savvy intelligent women who are spiritually curious + fear if they open the door to this non physical part of themselves something awful may happen! Like they may lose something or it just goes against everything they know or practice. It feels like you are being unfaithful to yourself!


What if your friends or colleagues knew you were a closet spiritual seeker?!


At worst you may lose a friend but if that's the case, they aren't a true friend anyway. Because true friends honor your spiritual nature + all the ways you choose to express that!

What’s so funny is that you are designed as a spiritual, energetic, vibrational being, so exploring your spiritual nature is part of who you ARE as a human!


So, if this speaks to your soul, The Divine Timing Soul Travel Retreat πŸš€ has a magic ✨ wand with your name all over it. Snag yours here.


WHEN: I hope to see you there. The magic ✨ happens June 18th.


In Divine Love,


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