Why Suffer When You Can Manifest Instead?

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Life on the Earth plane is an adventure for certain and jam packed with a cornucopia of soul evolving curriculum that includes: obstacles, detours, stalls, and starts, and miracles large and small. 


In the moment when you are knee deep in the midst of an obstacle and you attempt to make said obstacle disappear or go away, you create SUFFERING. 


Suffering means wanting to be somewhere other than where you are. 


Your soul is the orchestrator of your life mission. 


Your soul is not only rearranging things on your behalf for your highest good, it is also grooming you in preparation for you to FULFILL your soul’s purpose/mission. 


That means the path isn’t always going to be bubblegum and unicorns because you have that Hero/Heroine’s Journey to journey! 


You are going to face the unknown at some point and that is where the discomfort + magic lies. 


Magic lies at the other end of your comfort zone!


You are the one who gets to decide if you want suffering to be included on your journey!


You are also the one who gets to decide how much joy you experience on your journey!


Often the biggest perpetuator of your suffering happens between your ears and is instigated by perpetual thoughts that are stuck in the past that are tied to memories of things and people that do not serve you or your evolution. 


I know because I was the captain of struggle bus central that later catapulted into immense suffering. 


And then I discovered yoga, meditation, nature, quantum physics, manifestation and ultimately surrender and learned that I no longer have to be a victim of the past or of my thoughts, rather I can be a conscious and deliberate co-creator of the life I crave that is easy, joyful, and expansive in every way. 


This is not to say I brush things under the rug when they show up. Rather the opposite, when an obstacle or detour shows up, I pull it closer because I know it has gems for me to receive. 


More blessings on the trail of this amazing life. 


Humans are quite addicted to suffering and will defend limitations to the end, however if you’re ready to release your own version of suffering, my FREE training, 5 Minute Manifestor is a perfect place to begin. 


It blends my love and dedication to science and spirituality with teachings from my favorite teachers: Abraham Hicks, Joe Dispenza, and Lynne McTaggart. 


Won’t you join me on this amazing exploration of what is good, right, and divine for your soul? 


Wherever this lands for you, I trust it rings true deep in your BEING. 


Please reach out if you have any questions: [email protected]


To your expansion! 


In divine love,



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