You Are Stronger Than You Know

divineaf card deck Sep 05, 2022

Where you stand is a powerful place beloved.

Allow me to remind you that you are DivineAF and the next time you notice negative emotions bubbling up to the surface I want you to consider these 2 options:

1) Continue with the momentum of focusing on how bad the feeling is (and continue to conjure up 1,000 more thoughts just like it (law of attraction)


2) STOP right where you ARE when you become aware of your negative emotion and say hey, thank you for hooking me up with my inner divine guidance system and showing me that I am focusing on what I do not want. And then ask yourself, what do I want?

This is how to leverage the badass non-physical aspect of your BEING.

Negative emotions are the gateway to epic MANIFESTATION if you know how to harness your Divine AF ness.

Happy FriYAY.

In Divine Loveđź’™



P.S. This is a sneak peak of my latest Card Deck Creation with the help of the gorgeous Daniela Romina Alfieri. What do you think?


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