You Are The Oracle

affirmation journal journal for women law of attraction manifestation oracle oracle deck spirituality Feb 07, 2023

You are the oracle.

You are the download.

You have everything you need right now.

It's just that you don't actually believe it.

➡️How could YOU be the oracle?

➡️How could you be the download?

You definitely don't feel like you have everything you need now.


Because you have been conditioned to doubt your own brilliance and you believe that your answers are outside of you.

Here's the FULL truth Ruthy.....

✨You are the channel.

✨You are the oracle. 

✨You have the ability to co-create your every desire with your free will and by asking.

There is a process to co-create your dreams. 

It requires radical self love and getting into a receptive state so that you are physically, energetically, and Spiritually aligned to recognize, understand, apply, and receive this sacred wisdom to allow you to co-create your desires with ease.

If you haven't been able to co-create your desires chances are you are doing 2 things that will halt your results every single time.

➡️Focusing on what's not working.

➡️Trying to manipulate the how.

These are sure to sabotage your efforts every single time.

99% of the work is done before something manifests into the physical realm.

This is why so many people give up. 

Your soul's desires are not worth giving up. Ever.

After struggling with this manifestation thing for what seems like forever, I discovered what was missing. 🔥🙏🏻

The secret is your "receptivity" to this wisdom.

You are only partially receptive which blocks your progress and your ability to receive all the steps that will help support your dreams.

To be successful at manifestation, you absolutely must be in a receptive state, on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. 

Receptivity is an energetic state and is the secret sauce and the batline to INFINITE resources.

Receptivity is what allowed me to receive a channeled message to pen my oracle deck, Divine Downloads-Channeled Wisdom From Your Soul and help loads of women break through their upper limits so they can embody their most evolved state of being with ease and flow. 

If you're tired of not receiving what you most desire and are ready to rock your ability to manifest your every desire in 2023 let me show you how with my simple Divine AF tools. 

I created the Divine AF Journal + Oracle Deck to help women master manifestation and to break through their upper limits for good. 

The Divine AF Journal a love letter to your soul that begins with powerful questions that will help you explore and establish an intimate relationship with your version of your higher self/Source followed by an affirmation a day to uplift and support your frequency and belief in what’s possible so that you can manifest with less effort and more ease. 

The Divine AF Oracle Deck 44 spiritual truths to elevate your connection to Source and your higher wisdom with 44 questions that support and amplify compassion and curiosity so that you can shift your perception of how wonderful your life actually is and turn up the dial of appreciation for the Universal support that has your back 24-7. 

There is no more important relationship than the one you have with your higher self.

This is where the keys to the kingdom reside.

Once you trust yourself and your higher wisdom you no longer have to spend time, money, and energy looking for answers in all the wrong places. They are within you now, waiting to be unfurled. 

The magic 🔮is waiting to unfurl. What are you waiting for? Grab your Divine AF Tools today. 


Oracle Deck 

To your liberation and abundant expansion, 



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